Thursday, 24 December 2015

Getting Together With Friends in The Country

This morning ( which didn't start as early as the last two thankfully) was about getting as many preparations done as possible.
I had been tasked with making some salads for Christmas tea at Grandma's
I made an avocado and tomato salad, a butterbean and pepper salad, and mozzarella and tomato salad.
I didn't add any dressing as not everyone ( hubby being one) likes vinegar.
Teen One and I spotted these adorable bottles in Tiger the other day..perfect for such an occasion.
I had seen similar ones on Nigella's TV programme, where she put caramel sauce in little bottles, one for each guest...what a nifty idea I thought!
In the afternoon, we drove out of the country.
A friend had invited us to lunch, and as she has four adult children herself, plus a foster child, daughter in law and new was always going to be a hive of activity.
They started off by playing a game of Jungle Speed
The girls then went on to make bath bombs
it certainly made the room smell luscious!
Teen One now has a lovely collection to add to her baths over the next few weeks.
For the was a game of snooker. My friend had been given a snooker table, but needed muscle power to install it in the we all pitched in and got it up there.
Hubby and Teen Two enjoyed the game that's for sure.
The highlight of the day for me, was meeting their first granddaughter. What a pleasure she was. I had plenty of cuddles that's for sure.
Another highlight of visiting my friend...silly though it may seeing The Teens old swing.
It was actually a double swing and many happy hours were spent on this piece of play equipment.
I was sad when they were too big to use it safely and didn't want to just throw it away....then my friend took up fostering, and was happy to have something extra for the kids to play on.
Seeing it always brings back such happy memories.
 I also love to see this bench.
It was bought for my friend's mum.
They have a lovely photo on their wall, taken from behind...with my friend, her daughter and her mum...three generations, and of course it still reads "MUM" from the back.
My friends mum died a  couple of years ago... whenever I see this bench I always picture her sitting on it.
She was Grandma to whoever came to visit and is greatly missed.
Today is of course Christmas to all my readers I wish you a Happy and Healthy Christmas.
Our dear Grandma down south is sadly not at all it's not going to be a Happy and Healthy Christmas for her and those holding the fort down there...but we pray the antibiotics will start to do their job pretty quickly and a belated Christmas celebrated once Grandma is back on her feet.

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