Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Children's TV Revisited

With the party for Friday Club kids fast approaching, its all systems go in this household getting as organised as we can!
Teen Two has taken on the challenge of making up 15 Lego mini figures for us to hide around the church hall.
He has even taken pictures of the completed figures, uploaded them onto the PC and designed a tick list...including very innovative names for each figure!
My contribution today ( aside from a mega shop at Lidl's for the food) was to wrap the Pass the Parcels.
I am always amazed at how long it takes...and have to confess to getting a tad bored by the third parcel!
I did of course, have Little Missy for the second day running.
She was as good as gold, and after a treat Happy Meal for lunch, I took her to the museum to see the exhibition on Children's TV.
I hadn't realised when I took the Teens a while back, that we missed part of the exhibition...and the part we missed was probably the best part as far as my family is concerned!
I wouldn't like to count how many hours of Teletubbies I had to sit and watch (look...REAL Tubby toast!)
How many Rosie and Jim videos I have watched and re-watched.....
... not to mention Brum!
Jake was there to greet us...
...and even the ever loveable Doodles!!
Teen Two is now desperate to go back!
For her part, Little Missy enjoyed the visit, and what made it good was we were the only visitors so had free reign with all the interactive exhibits.
On the Teen One front, I am pleased to report, despite being sick again yesterday evening, she took a turn for the better  before bedtime, had a good nights sleep, and was up and ready for college as usual this morning.
She is now home and good to see her back to normal!

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