Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Changing My Perceptions

It seems whenever I receive flowers... I get another lot soon after!
What it is to be doubly blessed aye!
My friend brought these in last night, as a thank you for having Little Missy.
I don't know what the name of the flower at the front is...it looks like a cross between a cabbage and a rose and is smooth and furry almost to feel.
So my front room has this beautiful bouquet in...

...and then my neighbour's son brought this is...he certainly keeps me well stocked with pretty plants throughout the year!
After some household chores, I headed in to town, with one of the goals to get hubby a Christmas jumper for work.
I saw this reduced in Primark and hope it will fit...if not...Teen Two has got his eye on it!
I am most surprised, I would have thought he would hate anything like this...just shows, you never can tell!
On the way to town, just outside the supermarket where I had parked, a Big Issue seller was standing, very close to the narrow exit.
He looked middle eastern, unshaven and around 60.
I must confess to feeling a little intimidated by his "Big Issue Ma'am" call as I walked by, and its hard not to feel like a millionaire as one walks past someone who very obviously did not spend the night in a warm cosy home and have the luxury of a bath and clean clothes in the morning...not to mention be off on a mini shopping spree.
As I walked into town I almost dreaded returning to the car park, knowing I would have to pass him again and feel guilty for the blessings I have in my life.
However....that is not what happened at all....as I was walking back, just ahead of me were a couple of, what can only be described as louts...loud and foul mouthed...and yes...in hoodies!
As they walked passed the man he said "Big Issue sir?" to which one of the louts went into what can only be described as a hateful tirade of racial abuse.
It was so shocking I felt so sorry for this poor man who had done nothing other than try and earn himself a few pounds...the honest way.
I gave him a smile as I walked passed and said "just ignore them, they are fools," but felt I needed to show my sympathy in a more practical way.
I have  never bought a copy of the Big Issue and knew little about it, although had a vague idea the vendors laid out the money themselves for the magazine and then sold them for a small profit.
I am wary about giving money away on the street...one never knows what the money will go on...so I decided I would go to the bakery and buy him a small treat.
When I returned he was very grateful and I think if he is there next time, I will acutally  buy a copy of the magazine.
Of course it would be lovely to help all of the sellers out there, and having read a bit more about the charity, I will think twice before passing them by.
As for that feeling of intimidation....well today's experience has certainly changed my perceptions.
How intimidated must that poor man have felt?

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