Saturday, 19 December 2015

Catching Up At Home

Having missed dinner last night, I was in need of something savoury and nutritious this morning.
Poached egg with wholemeal toast and wilted baby spinach hit the spot!
Having the day to ourselves was a good opportunity to catch up on one or two bits we hadn't managed to fit in during the week.
Teen One made a batch of cranberry sauce using Grandma's recipe...
We didn't have a cinnamon stick so used powder this year...I think its better with a stick to be honest.
This is how much a batch makes using a 500g punnet of cranberries.
I cracked on making teeny bags of lavender, using half a teaspoon for each bag...
I can't share with you right now what they are for but will add some pics in the new year.
For lunch we had pea and ham soup.
I had cooked a joint of gammon a while back and kept the juices and some odds and ends of the meat in the freezer, ready for making a quick soup one day...and today was that day.
Hubby spent some time fixing a minor but annoying problem with the car electrics...he thinks he has cracked it this time!
Teen One got on with another job she has been trying to get to for a while, a present for a favourite aunt.
Milly cosied up next to her ...or was it the blanket she was interested in!
Teen Two  had fun with the gerbils after we had cleaned their cage out, and of course a bit of Minecrafting was the order of the day!
I popped in to see my Recycled Teenager in the Dementia home
She really wasn't aware I was there, she was busy using her sheet to clean her bedside trolley, which appeared, in her mind, to be her table at home, she seemed to be preparing some tea... worrying if there was enough ham.
She was one of life's "feeders" and that has not left her, always thinking about others and their tummies! Bless her.



  1. Favourite aunt eh? That could cause problems!

  2. "A" favourite aunt as opposed to "her" favourite aunt :)