Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day

Today started the ideal way...waking up naturally...then coming down to make a pot of tea to then return to bed with!
I did nip in next door whilst the kettle was boiling, ( throwing some clothes over my PJ's!) to check he was ok...then crept back upstairs, as everyone else, unusually was still asleep.
After the lovely relaxing start to the day, it was on with the big clear up after yesterday!
It was much easier to face, fresh and wide awake and was done in no time...but a few hours later it looked exactly the same again...oh the life of a housewife!
Whilst the roast beef was slowly cooking away in the oven, I enjoyed one of my favourite past times...sitting in the living room, with the Teens enjoying themselves watching a Disney film (The Sword in the Stone today) whilst I had a cuppa and busied myself with some knitting.
I bought these two new Stylecraft shades last week, not really sure what I was going to do with them...I just loved the two vintage colours together...Pistachio and Boysenberry.
Hubby and I hadn't got to opening our presents from under the tree yesterday, so that was our goal today!
For the first time in my life I now own a Christmas sweater!
Also a Christmas nightshirt!
My friend knows how cute I think gingerbread men are...for the last three years my gifts from her have been on that theme!
A slate cake dome...very handy...came from another friend...
...two lovely books...looking forward in particularly to the daily devotions book.
Hubby and I don't usually exchange pressies these days...but he sneakily went back to a craft stall at the Pumpkin Festival ( how organised is that!) and bought this glass scene I had admired!
Today's roast beef was being shared with next door again...with the son still staying over, he too was of course included in the offer of a meal.
The Yorkshires once again rose to the occasion! This triumph is usually reserved for days when its just the four of us can guarantee that if visitors are here they are nowhere near passable!
I should really have taken the picture from lower they were really HIGH! The middle ones especially!
"Pride comes before a fall" and all that... so please don't think I'm bragging...just sharing a "happy housewife" moment!
Milly has once again been Teen One's shadow...
..throughout the peaceful afternoon...
...whenever I looked over...
...there she was, a picture of contentment!
Today has been one of just chilling, enjoying some TV, with no clock perfect kind of day.
Hubby hasn't had quite such a chilling day...he spent the morning trying to find a Post Office open to return the iPhone...none open today...but one is regularly open on Sundays...who knew!

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