Monday, 14 December 2015

Boxes And Baubles!

Today started with me getting on with a bit of housework, before heading off to see my Monday Recycled Teenager.
She wasn't feeling too special today, probably a side effect of the radiotherapy.
After a chit chat and a laugh, she felt well enough to mooch round Morrisons with me.
I didn't intend buying too much today, and managed to stick to the plan!
I am taking Grandma to Lidl's tomorrow so that will give me the opportunity to stock up on a few of their lines which we are rather partial to.
I was pleasantly surprised when it came to pay, I had £20 worth of money off vouchers pop out of the little machine!
The cashier could see how surprised I was and said " you must have been using your Match and More card and points collecting vouchers recently!"
I had forgotten about these vouchers and thought at the time, "that wont make much difference" how wrong I was!
I don't usually have to think about a Christmas pud, but thought this one looked rather scrummy...however I will have to buy a small one as I hadn't realised it had nuts in, Teen Two wont be too pleased otherwise!
After lunch I started to think about wrapping presents for Teen Two's teachers and of course LSA's.
I had bought some lip balm in the sale a while back and just needed something to put them in.
I remembered making gift boxes from recycled Christmas cards a few years ago.. thanks to FQ2FF ...and surprisingly actually remembered how to make them!
They are quick and easy and have so many uses.
I found a YouTube video which shows how to make them...and also how to make them using rectangle cards.
Having been shown how to make square hadn't occurred to me it would work for rectangle cards too!
On the way to collect Teen Two from Revision club tonight, I spotted this tree...bedecked with baubles!
It looked so pretty!
It made me wish I had a tree outside my house!

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