Friday, 18 December 2015

An Unexpected Early Start!

For some reason last night, at 3am, when only owls should be awake...I woke...and could I get back to sleep??
I lay there until 4am and then decided if I was still awake in 15mins, I would get up... and that's exactly what I did.!
I made myself a cuppa...
...emptied the dishwasher as quietly as I could
...fed the cats, who despite not being due a feed for another few hours, felt it was their right to be fed just because I was in the kitchen!
I had wanted to tackle the ironing...but occasionally it trips the electrics ( think its the socket not the iron as I bought a new one to solve the problem...but the problem didn't go away!) and I didn't want to run the risk of hubby's alarm not going off!
So instead I watched The Chase on catch up and sorted out a pile of paperwork.
By 9am,  I had completed all the usual morning tasks, baked a coffee and walnut cake for a friend...I make it every year as her Christmas present....ironing was done and put away and everywhere spic and span...ish.
I found an old panettone tin to transport the cake I...complete with a cord handle.
I don't usually bother about having tins returned to me...but I would quite like this one back...its a good deep size and that red handle is very useful indeed!
I nipped into town to buy the rest of the party food, which included various sweets and the like for the guessing table.
This table is really popular with the children...
...and we introduced a new game...guess the name of the Christmas Mouse.
I set Teen Two the task of naming him, then creating a list with random names on. of the most popular games, was once again "Find It"
Wherever we take this simple has adults and kids alike hooked on it!
One young lad spent most of the evening searching for the penny!
I see there is a Bible version...we really need to buy that one!

The party went off without a hitch...but we were close to the wire as far as food is concerned!
We have switched from the traditional sandwiches to mini hot dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets etc...purely because we spent so much time effort and money on sandwiches...only to have hardly any matter how we changed the fillings.
It seems sandwiches are out of fashion!
So, the new menu is a hit...but we had way more children than we had expected ( over 50) and they all obviously enjoyed the food.
We usually have loads of cakes left over but brought home only 5!
Neither hubby or I got a look in as far as food was concerned so came home a bit peckish...but too tired to do anything about it!
With the mega clearing up done, and finally home, my feet are aching more than I can ever remember!
I guess having been up for 18hours and spent most of it on them, its no wonder!
I am hoping for a lie in tomorrow, with no plans for tomorrow, other than to sort out family presents and see what is missing, I am hoping for no more unexpected early starts!

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  1. I feel your pain - but am pleased that it's gone well. X