Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Well it seems my body clock is set for  4.30ish at the moment...for the second day running I awoke around that time and couldn't get back to sleep.
So, some time after 5.30am I decided to get up with Hubby and get cracking with some quiet chores.
I made a fat free Christmas pud for one of my Recycled Teenager's who is coming to dinner Christmas day.
I soaked the fruit and peel in orange juice for a couple of days, added some festive spices, then mixed it into Be-Ro's sponge mixture.
I have popped it in the freezer as fatless sponges dry up very quickly.
Once the sun was up, it was a beautiful day, blue skies and sunshine.
I decided it was worth hanging the washing out...and was pleased I did as a robin came to sing me a beautiful song!
I rushed in to get my camera to take a picture, but he was camera I have snagged this one...its hard to believe with the weather we have, its only two days to Christmas!
My Teens are longing for it to snow on Christmas day!
Eventually 8am came round, time for me to check on my Recycled Teenager next door, and also do his cleaning for him...with tomorrow being Christmas Eve, I want to have the day free from responsibility and just enjoy it with the Teens.
It was then time to hit the shops...for what I hoped would be the last time this side of Christmas!
The house is now loaded with fresh veg and aside from forgetting one item, which I have since bought...we are all set for the big wise anyway!
Teen Two was down first, so he decorated half of the cake....
...and Teen One finished it off.
We have been using these little figures for all their lives and I shall be rather sad if they ever go off snow storm cakes and want something more sophisticated!
This afternoon has been a hive of activity...some cracker challenge making (you will have to wait a while to see those) and some present wrapping.
As it was such a lovely day, I thought we ought to at least poke our heads out of the we set off to the Museum to see the Children's TV exhibition.
They were quite excited to see the real Tubby Toast ( and marvelled at how big it was!)
They had fun on the interactive drawing pad...
...meeting "Jake"....that really was a thrill!
And of course the loveable Doodles the Dog.
It was rather unnerving though seeing them completely still and silent...not how we are used to seeing them!
This room always reminds me of my grandparents  house...
They had a similar fireplace and also the fake bulrushes...
...they also had this white plastic basket, which used to get decked out with plastic holly every Christmas!
Hubby's niece is 21 in a few weeks...beyond buying Christmas presents for...but we always wrap her a little something up so she isn't left out.
This year I put together a "Christmas Survival Kit" which includes a pack of Trail Mix ( in case she gets lost) a chocolate orange ( because its one of her 5 a day) a bag of chocolate coins (emergency money) Santa biscuit decorating kit (incase she feels creative) vegetable crisps (veggies are good for you) get the picture!
All wrapped up in a hessian bag
We have an unexpected guest for Christmas day ( nephew of our Recycled Teen) so I have put together a similar kit for him.
I had wanted to buy him a classic comic such as The Beano or Dandy (incase he gets bored!)
Sadly the Beano is no longer printed...its all online, and there was only a special edition of the Dandy at £4, a bit too much for a token present.
Teen One spent some time constructing her gingerbread house this needs doing in stages and cans of food are handy props!
Its hard to believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!
With only one or two jobs still left to do...aside from the food prep of course...I can feel myself getting as excited as the Teens!

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