Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A Poorly Teen One And A Diagnosis

Last night was a long night...and a very miserable one for Teen One.
She went to bed with some stomach pain... which got worse during the night, despite taking pain killers.
This morning it was even more severe and ultimately she started to be sick.
For some months now, maybe the best part of the year we have had these bouts of pain, apparently random and no one else is unwell, so we have ruled out the usual stomach bugs.
I suggested in the summer she make a diary note each time it happens, and also what she has eaten.
This morning, having taken the last painkillers she can take in a 24hour period, I rang the doctor for advice.
He was very kind and told me to come in immediately with a water sample (I didn't think that was actually the problem but it was worth ruling it out)
I took along the diary notes ( Teen One was too unwell to come), and he was immediately confident he had the answer...abdominal migraine.
I had my suspicions it was that, but was glad to hear it from the doctor.
He said she had classic symptoms, triggered by hormonal changes during the month.
He has given her painkillers specifically for migraines, and said to take one as soon as the pain starts next time,  and that will hopefully prevent a prolonged attack like today.
He also gave her some anti sickness tablets.
She hasn't been sick since, and the pain is more discomfort, but she feels wretched!
I guess  with hardly any sleep last night, no food, and then strong medication inside her, her system doesn't know what to do with itself!
Throughout the day, Milly has been her constant companion....
...no matter how Teen One tossed and turned...
... Milly was always there...
...which is quite remarkable, as she isn't a lap cat usually...
...as the hours passed...
...Milly kept her post.
Even the arrival of Little Missy wasn't a deterrent....very unusual indeed!
Seven hours later....she still hasn't moved from the spot!
During a lull in the afternoon, I quickly made a batch of pastry, to make chicken pie for tonight's dinner, with the left overs from Sundays roast.
I deliberately made extra so that Little Missy could do something at least a little bit interesting....
...I had planned a much more exciting day than this for her!
She was pleased with her efforts and having sampled one says they are delicious.
She is coming again tomorrow for the day, I do hope poor Teen One is better, its been a very unusual day and I shall be so glad to have her back to health and strength.
Has anyone else had experience of abdominal migraine, I would be interested to hear your experiences.

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