Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Good Job Jobbed!

Today my Monday Recycled Teenager has her first bout of radiotherapy.
With my first thing in the morning chores done, before getting on with some present wrapping, I thought I would have a cuppa and a quiet time of prayer for my dear friend.
As I went to boil the kettle I thought...well instead of praying for her...I could pray WITH her.
Over the years various friends ( and even my doctor!) have spontaneously prayed with me and each time it has been a tremendous source of comfort.
I would not say I am confident at praying in anyone's earshot, but thought, why not try and be an encouragement to her.
So, I popped a couple of mince pies in a tub and drove round to her house.
She was very grateful to see me, it had up until then been a long morning, waiting for her transport to arrive early afternoon.
We enjoyed a cuppa and a quiet word of prayer, I have spent the afternoon wondering how it all went and will no doubt get a call later tonight.
A friend popped in for lunch, and then it was on with the task of the day....getting the Friday Club kids presents wrapped.
Of course, anyone involved with children's work, will know its always more than just wrapping them up!
I had to check how regular each child had been, and marry up  a present that was suitable with their attendance...not an easy task!
The cats as usual were interested in the changes in the living room....all those new smells!
Milly checked out the parcels...
...whilst Crystal checked out the empty bags!
So that's around 60 presents bought, wrapped and labelled....all ready for our Carol Service next week.
I still have a few small presents to find from stock and wrap, just in case any of the "one weekers" happen to turn up on the day.
I am so glad that is out of the way, I can now concentrate on our own present buying and wrapping...its certainly a good job jobbed!

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