Monday, 7 December 2015

A Day Of Two Halves

Today started full of promise...not least because of the beautiful blue skies we were blessed with.
Today was of course my Recycled Teenager next door's 92nd birthday.
I found a packet of cupcake gift boxes I forgot all about in the back of the cupboard, which made for a better presentation for the jam tarts.
He had to go to the hospital today for an xray on this throat.....we were all suspecting the worst, but the radiographer said all looked ok and the doctor would send a detailed report in due course.
My usual cuppa and catch up with my Monday Recycled Teenager was very positive.
Her radiotherapy doesn't appear to be giving her any side effects so far, and she was up for our usual trip to the supermarket.
She was very naughty and insisted on giving me today's chocolate from her Lindt advent calendar!
What a treat!
I fell in love with this tear and share panettone Christmas tree, so have put it in the freezer for Christmas Day tea.
I absolutely adore Panettone, so was delighted that Morrisons now have their fruit version on sale.
The chocolate one is rather lovely, but for me this fruit one is the best!
Todays batch was the best I have ever fresh and just melted in the was a rather naughty lunch and perfect with a cuppa.
After lunch I did a little more of putting the decorations up.
This is one of my favourite presents from last year...I saw it in the making and was thrilled to receive it ....imagine my face this afternoon when opening the mail and discovering this card...
...isn't this great! Next year it will be added to the pleased with it...thank you
I spent the afternoon sorting washing, wrapping some presents for Friday Club  (just when I thought I had the job finished!) when I had a phone call from a close friend.
She had just heard her brother in law had very unexpectedly been given two weeks to live.
They themselves have been coming to terms with their new way of life since her husbands heart problems and subsequent pace maker, so to hear his younger brother had unknowingly been suffering with  terminal cancer was a huge blow.
To give them some time together tonight, we are having Little Missy over .
I had to go and collect Teen Two from school as usual ( revision day) and was looking forward to hearing about his day.
There had been some issues at the back end of last week and some internal changes made, he was very buoyant about the change and looking forward immensely to the day....I was not expecting to have a low and downbeat son sitting next to me in the car.
Quite what has happened is a mystery and I hope school have managed to get to the bottom of it.
 Having a language disorder means he, at times, he is unable to find the words to explain himself, its frustrating for all concerned.
I feel we are right back at square one, with the added guilt trip of knowing how much the staff have tried to sort out the issues, all to no avail it would seem.
On the way home a text came through.
I wasn't able to read it initially and Teen Two was going to read it for me, but for some reason I said not to bother, I would read it at home.
I am so glad I did.
It was a message saying a much loved family pet retriever had sadly had to be put to sleep.
The Teens have enjoyed the gentle pace and nature of dear Katie, and whilst it was the best decision for this dear old canine lady, it doesn't make the loss any easier.
Our sympathy goes to  FQ2FF
It has indeed been a day of two halves.

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