Friday, 20 November 2015

What Fun We Had In The Good Old Days!

Last night, Teen Two announced Friday was cake sale day at school.
"That's fine" I said, "take some money out of the pot"
"I don't need to buy any" he replied...."I have to take them in for other people to buy!"
At 8pm, at the end of a very hectic day, having not long sat down, it was the last thing I wanted to hear.
"Well I am sorry will just have to buy at the sale instead of won't matter."
If I was not so tired, I would have happily whipped up something for him to take in, and of course with more notice we could really have gone to town.
After a few minutes I remembered I had a packet of French chocolate sandwich biscuits in the cupboard...they wouldn't take long to bling up a bit.
So I tasked Teen Two with the job...apparently they were a big hit!
This afternoon Teen One and I finished putting the lollypop stables together...and here are some of the finished products, the kids had great fun colouring in their people and the parents were very impressed when they came to pick them up....they may even make it onto the  Christmas tree by the sounds of things!
With Grandma not being well, Hubby has taken on one of her roles at Friday Club...issuing the reward cards out as the kids turn up.
He found it very frustrating doing it Grandma's way...wading through a pile of cards each time.
He thought an index box would be ideal...but when he saw they were mega bucks ( and I mean mega bucks!) he baulked at the I said I would try and make a quick one for him.
I found an old box a writing set had come in years ago ( maybe 30yrs ago...I knew it would come in handy one day!) and a sheet of dry transfer lettering that came with hubby when we got married over 20years ago and has been sat in a drawer ever since ( obviously something he knew would come in handy!)
So with some endless stock of gold card ( no doubt every one in the family will have some of this amazing stuff stashed away somewhere courtesy of our recycling bank!) I sat and cut out the index cards...rather haphazardly I must admit, but they will do the job.
Teen One was amazed to see how the letters were rubbed very lightly and then adhered to the card...looking so professional!
Living in a day when almost anything is possible with a printer and can look very professional in minutes at the touch of a button...she was really fascinated with how we did things in the old days!
I asked her if she would like to finish the job ... she didn't need asking twice!
What fun we must have had in the good old days!
She even made a little label for the box.
Hubby said everything went much smoother tonight with his new super duper index box.

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