Monday, 23 November 2015

She's So Glad That's Over!

This morning was very hectic, seeing my Recycled Teens, shopping, housework, stripping beds....I worked up quite an appetite I can tell you!
Having just bought a freshly baked chocolate Panettone at Morrison's, I couldn't resist a slice with a cup of was delicious!
I would prefer a fruit Panettone, but the Teens and Hubby prefer this chocolate one...and I must say, the blend of the bitter sweet chocolate and the salty butter is divine!
The afternoon was no less busy than the morning, a trip to town for various bits and pieces, taxi-ing Teen One around, then over to get Teen Two from school revision.
I was chilled to the bone at one point, and noticing I had about 20minutes  before revision finished, I diverted to Costa and bought myself a delicious latte...skinny decaff favourite! What made it better was it was free with my reward card.
The main event of today however, was Teen One's piano Grade Four exam.
She was understandably nervous.
Here she is in the warm up room...she certainly needed to warm up her fingers, it was freezing walking from the car park to the church hall.
I hadn't realised how tense she had been looking, until she came out from the exam with the biggest smile and flushed cheeks!
The relief was evident!
We now have a couple of weeks wait to see if she has passed.
She's so glad that's over!

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