Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Saturday 31st Oct: Segway Fun

Saturday was due to be the start of a much looked forward to weekend away, to celebrate our 22nd Wedding Anniversary.
For a few years, Hubby has been recreating old pictures from a This England postcard book, showing how life has changed in the past 100 years.
Castle Combe was going to be our first stop off that day, along with a picnic of course.
What we hadn't planned for, was me waking up with flu!
I was unable to do anything at all for the first few hours of the morning and said the only option was to go without me.
We had paid for a hotel and also the Segway experience, booked a restaurant table, and of course looked forward to all those things.
It didn't make any sense to just not turn up when three members of the family were fit and healthy, and I really didn't feel I could move from the sofa where I had placed myself around 6am after coming down for  some painkillers.
The three of them got on with packing their stuff, making their own sandwiches etc.
Teen One made some delicious strawberry shortcake jam jar puds too!
But as the time got nearer for them leaving, Teen Two got more and more upset at the thought of leaving me behind.
The last little spark of adrenalin ( which I didn't know I had!) kicked in and I bargained with him that if I could manage to get dressed, then I would come...figuring it wouldn't be any different sitting in a car to sitting at home.
Dosed up with lemsip and the like, I was able to summons the energy to get dressed and make it to the car.
I slept most of the journey and stayed dosing in the car whilst the family took a short walk to what looks like the very pleasant village of Castle Combe

It was then on to the main event ( for The Teens anyway!)
Segway Bristol, based in the most beautiful surroundings of The Old Down Estate, near Thornbury.
Our previous Segway experience had been in the pouring rain, in what looked like an old quarry!
Saturday was a stunning day , as you can see Hubby was in his t-shirt!
Teen Two was keen that I join them, and I foolishly thought that it might just be possible, after all... I only had to stand there, there was no effort involved.

The views really were stunning, but unfortunately, part way round, I felt extremely unwell and on the verge of passing out.
So whilst everyone else continued on the "safari" I stayed "in the middle of nowhere" on a bench.
The views were stunning and helped to take my mind of how ill I felt, but I clearly wasn't seeing straight....how little of the scenery  I actually managed to capture in this shot!
Our last port of call was to visit Cribbs Causeway.
We have heard a lot about it but never actually been there, so we booked  a Café Rouge, using our Gourmet Society card once again and intended having a good browse around.
For me, sadly, it meant staying in the car.
I didn't feel able to even get out of the car let alone walk around a huge mall.
I had no appetite for food so wasn't missing out on the meal anyway.
It was then on to our final destination Hilton Bristol.
I was by this time feeling very unwell and when we got to our room I just kicked off my shoes and went to bed in my clothes...I didn't even have the energy to visit the bathroom!
I spent a very uncomfortable night, in a considerable amount  of pain in my side whenever I breathed...I had a feeling this flu was turning into something else!
Poor Teen Two was by this time coming out in sympathy and went to bed with the bin by him ( hopefully you have worked out why!)
I was pretty sure it was worry, he doesn't cope well with realising his mum is a mere mortal!
As I was awake most of the night, I am happy to report he fell asleep soon after his head hit the pillow and the bin was not needed!

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