Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Remember To Read The Signs!

This morning started with another trip to the doctors with Grandma.
She was given a thorough examination, which only showed that she didn't appear to have any abnormalities.
The doctor was very reassuring and had a lovely bedside manner.
He suggested she snack all day instead of having "three good meals." Although she has only been eating small portions at meal times, maybe the snacking will be easier on her stomach.
He has arranged for an endoscopy, so we shall wait and see what that shows.
I am hoping that with everything coming up as clear, she will feel more settled.
It is difficult to believe that her symptoms are all in the mind though.
We shall just have to do our best to make her as comfortable as we can until it passes.
Having dropped Grandma back home, I did a bit of running around in the car. A quick trip to town for some essentials, a visit to my Recycled Teenager in the dementia home.
Today she was just lying there looking into space. No recognition that I was there at all.
Very sad.
A friend came in for lunch, we enjoyed a steaming bowl of carrot and coriander soup with some fresh crusty bread and of course a good old natter.
Storm Barney has made it very windy down here.
Whilst it was overcast, the strength of the wind meant I managed to get three loads fairly dry, just needing to be finished off in the drier.
For the last two weeks we have had signs on all the lamp posts in our road warning people not to park on November 18th as the council are carrying out "deep cleaning."
Last night I parked my car in the next road, and was surprised to see so many people parking their cars here this morning.
Staff from the nearby school regularly use our road ( despite having a car park!) and I did manage to speak to a couple of them this morning, pointing out the sign. They were very thankful and parked elsewhere.
However, when I went to take Grandma to the doctors I saw a tow truck taking a car away!
Oh dear....someone is in for a shock when they come out of school tonight!
They will wish they had paid more attention to the signs!
My neighbour said it will cost them £250 to have their car released...once they have worked out where it is!

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  1. Oh dear - the trouble is that you often come across signs that aren't true / out of date so you get used to ignoring them!