Saturday, 14 November 2015

Prayers For Paris

There are many times in our lives when we suddenly realise how very thankful we need to be for life's most basic gifts.....our lives and our loved ones.
Last night many Parisian's lives were thrown into turmoil.
As I lay in my comfy bed, watching the news unfold, was one of those moments when I thanked the Lord that I was safely in my own home, surrounded by my family.
It could so easily have been us in last night's atrocities.
It is hard to just get on with the day, knowing the ordeal many others are facing...but life must go on if we are to stand against evil.
Our thoughts and prayers have been with the people of Paris all day.
The morning started off wet and windy and with nothing planned for the day, we had the pleasurable experience of staying in bed to enjoy a cuppa and some ginger biccies.
Once up and about, we decided to pay a visit to the new Tesco.
There was plenty going on, football games for the kids, free food samples for everyone else!
We indulged in fresh fruit salad, hot dogs, doughnuts, sausage rolls and juice!
Not full portions of course!
I had planned to make a lasagne for dinner tonight and thought I would try the Value range today.
At around 25p a box, if they taste ok, they will make a huge saving.
The lasagne is now in the oven, so I will let you know what everyone thinks later!
My Monday Recycled Teenager gave me some containers of frozen fruit the other week.
She has been told to lose weight and cant bear the thought of stewed fruit without sugar, so asked me if I could use her supply.
She wasn't sure what was in most of the containers, so its been pot luck some of the time.
Today I think I have defrosted some gooseberries.
I have sprinkled them with sugar and popped them in the oven with the lasagne.
Hopefully I will turn it into a crumble tomorrow.
The weather was so miserable, we opted to stay home for the rest of the day and play Monopoly.
It's been a while since we played this and thought it would be good for Teen Two's math and reading skills.
He really enjoyed it, despite Teen One very quickly amassing a large property portfolio!
Needless to say, she won.
Can you spot Teen Two's playing piece?!
He wanted to play another game, but two and a half hours was more than enough for us!
Maybe tomorrow if Grandma isn't up to her usual game of Scrabble we will give him another game.

Talking of Grandma, she is maybe a couple of notches up on yesterday, feeling at her worst in the mornings.
Hubby has just been round, lit a fire and made sure she had all she needed.
Hopefully with every good nights sleep she gets and some food inside her, she will fight off whatever it is that is ailing her.

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