Thursday, 19 November 2015

Lolly Sticks and Glue Dots Challenge!

This morning started wet and dreary again.
As a consequence we didn't have too many out at Mother and Toddlers, but seeing as Grandma was not up to coming again, it meant a slightly easier morning, although no less toys to clear up!
After lunch I did my usual cleaning for next door.
I discovered he had a leak in his conservatory, not only that, but it was running through his light before dripping onto the floor!
Having put a bowl underneath I urged him to tell his son when he came in this afternoon.
We have several leaks in our old conservatory roof, but none of them over electricity thankfully.
This afternoon was rather momentous, in a very quiet and unassuming way...Teen One started to complete her online UCAS application!
Whilst Teen One was doing that...I had a pile of lollypop sticks to deal with!
I had seen this brilliant nativity scene on Pinterest, and with a never ending supply of lollypop sticks, I thought it would make an ideal activity for the Friday Club kids tomorrow.
I usually would use double sided sticky pads, from Poundland, for an activity like this. No waiting for glue to dry etc.
Sadly, the pads we have at the moment aren't as sticky as usual, maybe they are older than I I decided to buy a new pack.
However, my trip to town yesterday was unfruitful and they only had glue dots.
Having limited and not very positive  experience of glue dots, I was a bit apprehensive about using them.
It seems I was quite justified in my concerns!
They want to stay stuck to their paper roll instead of the lolly sticks!
My plan was, to leave a glue dot (unpeeled) and let the children assemble the stable themselves.
What I didn't take into consideration was the fiddliness of those wretched glue dots!
So it looks like tonight Teen One and I will be stable making!
Teen One has made some examples for Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus and I think that will be plenty for the kids to do, aside from then attaching the three remaining lolly sticks themselves with those pesky glue dots!
We aren't going to bother with the angel, after all it was a star that led the Shepherds to the stable...and a star is much easier!
We have lots of coloured sticker stars at church  and will also add a piece of raffia or similar so the nativity scene can be hung up.
Another thing I hadn't anticipated by using glue dots was, the stable is very flexible! I hope the dots eventually dry out so the stable is firm.
I can imagine little hands having fun with the moving sticks otherwise!

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