Friday, 27 November 2015

Isn't Fashion Funny!

Today I have been trying to get some of the Friday Club presents wrapped.
A large Ikea bag's worth has been a good start!
In preparation for tonight's craft activity for the children, I made up a bowl of icing and then filled up a pile of icing bags.
These ones from Poundland are great value and very easy for the kids to use.
They do need to have the top of the bag knotted though.
They had great fun decorating their gingerbread hearts and stars....less than a pound a pack from Ikea.
 I wasn't keen to go shopping today, with all the Black Friday hype, I really didn't fancy being surrounded by crowds, but needs must, so I took my usual supermarket trip.
I was pleasantly surprised that our local Tesco wasn't any busier than usual, and what's more, I saw some of their clothes were half price for the Black Friday sale!
The only thing that caught my eye was a denim skirt. I do love denim skirts, very practical, goes with more or less anything and good in the summer or winter.
I didn't really study the skirt too much, just saw the overall style and thought it was more or less "me" and of course if I didn't like it I could return it.
It wasn't until I tried it on  at home that I realised how weird the hem was!
It had been deliberately hemmed and then undone, leaving the raw edge showing the "mechanics" of the previous hemline.
I am not sure I like it that much....but the skirt was cheap and is comfortable, so I will, in this instance be a fashionista...but I can't help thinking...isn't fashion funny!

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