Monday, 30 November 2015

Ironing Out The Hiccups

This morning, as usual, I visited my Recycled Teenagers, went to Morrisons, then back home for some housework.
When sorting laundry in Teen One's room I spotted her revision notes.
It might mean something to you, but to me its gobbledegook!
It reminded me of when she was sitting her GCSE's, there were colourful notes in various places around the house...even the bathroom!
For lunch I just fancied a banana sandwich, with a drizzle of honey....wholemeal bread works best for this sweet treat!
The afternoon was spent doing yet more housework...just where does all the dirt and dust come from!
Around 3pm I had a call from Teen Two's school.
He was supposed to be staying on for English Revision, but it appears his mock exams today hadn't gone well.
For reasons I am not totally sure of,  he had been refused permission to use his laptop for his English exam.
I have spent the passed few years ensuring everything was in place for his support during exam time, and the SENCO has been in agreement all along, so I think there must have been a lack of communication today.
There were other issues as well I understand, the teacher didn't share them with me, but was not happy, and felt that Teen Two had been through enough trauma today and should come home and chill out.
She was very unhappy at how things had panned out for him as he has shown such commitment to his work, staying after school, going in during the holidays etc.
I am hoping that the mocks tomorrow are more positive than today.
I guess one positive is these hiccups can be ironed out before the actual exams next summer.

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