Saturday, 28 November 2015

Enjoying Some Family Traditions

Today was our annual trip to Bournemouth.
I can't remember how many years we have been going, it must be about 30!
They have a lovely Christian Book shop called Keith Jones...if you are ever in the area I can recommend a visit.
Today was even more enjoyable than usual as we were treated to free hot drinks and cake!
After an early start for the journey, it was most welcome!
They have a large selection of books, but for us its the selection of children's Bible books that has been the reason for our returning year after year.
Our Sunday school prize giving is why we love this shop so much.
Although our Sunday school is not huge, we tend to have the same children year after year, so a good selection is essential.
We thought this book looked fun!
Record yourself as you read the story!
One of our lads is a slow reader  so we thought this "Where's Wally" style book would be fun and also a book that brings the story of Jonah to life in 3D!
Veggie Tales are always popular and this daily devotional book looked both inspirational and humorous.
But the book that really has the wow factor for us is this fantastic Minecraft Bible stories book!
One of our lads is really into Minecraft... and of course our own Teen Two is a massive fan.
He saw the poster in the shop today, but didn't see the book was actually on the shelf.
We bought the only two books we saw and hope the boys will be as excited to see them as we were...and more importantly be inspired to read it and learn more from the Bible and of course the Lord Jesus.
Another family tradition after spending several hours in the book shop, is a trip to Pizza Hut!
It ends up being rather a Pizza fest day as we always bring back almost a whole pizza of left overs and have it for tea...and if there is still some left in the morning, Teen One loves it for breakfast!
Today is full of family traditions and following lunch, we enjoy browsing round the art galleries nearby.
Westover Gallery is probably our favourite.
Teen One is always fascinated by Peter Smith's work.
Anita Jeram's work is always enchanting...she is of course famous for illustrating the book "Guess How Much I Love You?"
There are many works of art there that are truly beautiful...all out of our price range but always a pleasure to admire for free!
A Lego model from Toy Story was a treat for Teen Two to see!
For the past few years I have been buying charity Christmas cards.
The best ones I find are sold in places with this Santa sign outside.
We don't have anywhere locally that sells them, so I was delighted to see the familiar sign outside a church on our walk back to the car park.
I found a few packs that appealed to me, the top set being my favourite.
Not only is the picture fun, the charity is for Diabetes UK.
Our niece, now 17, was diagnosed with diabetes about four years ago and we have seen first hand what an effect this has had on not only her life, but her whole family's too.

Another tradition is to buy an advent candle for the Teens.
They are usually sold along side the cards, so I was pleased to see them on sale today.
We used to buy one and let them take turns to light it and blow it out...but when, from time to time the inevitable happened and one of them forgot to blow it out in time, it left the other with less opportunities for that thrilling job of blowing the flame out, so, we have been treating them to their own one, that way, if either of them forget to blow it out, the other doesn't miss out.
Despite the cold and damp weather, it's been a lovely family day, enjoying some simple traditions we have established over the years.
We feel very blessed that the Teens still want to tag along with us and enable this outings to remain a family tradition.
After the drive home, it's good to be back in the warm with a cuppa and slice of ginger cake to enjoy together.
I wonder that sort of family traditions others have?
Anyone care to share them with us?

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