Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Cover Your Tracks!

Well last night was very similar to the last few nights...having to sleep upright to ensure the bubbling and crackling doesn't start.
I must have at some point slid down somewhat though as I woke coughing and spluttering around 3am and never managed to get back off to sleep properly.
Maybe tonight I will be so tired I will sleep regardless of the position!
I do however, feel more able every day. Its just a shame this week was always going to be so busy!
I am only doing essentials, but did decide to take a quick trip to the supermarket.
My body was craving its usual fresh veg and vitamins and I was just in the mood for a bowl of home made soup.
I must admit the short trip was more taxing than I had expected, but being home, with the larder once again having fresh food in, and a bowl of carrot and lentil soup before me, it was worth all the effort.
The soup only took about 40mins to make, just carrots, onion, lentils and some seasoning.
There is enough left for another couple of days :)
I saw these on special offer, so they just have to be tried don't they!
Teen Two has just tried one and came rushing into the kitchen saying "it tastes like medicine!"
Having taken a sip myself, I can only think its the cherry flavour that he is associating with most children's medicines.
We will see what Teen One thinks.
I had to go and collect Teen Two at lunchtime for his last dentist appointment.
They are very caring ladies, which is just as well...despite having numbing gel, two injections...the second of which bent the needle at a 45 degree angle.....he was still in considerable pain when the drilling started!
However, he soldiered on in good spirits.
Needless to say, his cheeks are very numb now and getting more numb by the minute!
(Did type number...but it doesn't work does it!)
We are just home for an hour or so for a cuppa and to catch my breath, before having to head back to school for parents evening.
I could really do without it, but being GCSE year its a small effort to make really.
We had planned to go on to a firework display...well get in good sight of it at least, but have decided to give that a miss, shame as Teen One was looking forward to it.
Hopefully she will be able to see something from the attic window.
I would also have then dropped Teen Two off at his internet café evening, but once again have said I just know, after being at school, then having a late dinner, I wont have any energy left.
So what was a very busy evening has now become just a busy evening.
Finally...there has been a rather unpleasant smell in the living room for a few days.
I suspect our fluffy cat has not managed to clean herself properly ( I'll go no further!)
Despite having cleaned every where I could  think of, the room still smelt decidedly dodgy.
The proper thing to do would be go to the garage and unearth the vax...but that is just too much effort right now, so I came upon the idea of sprinkling talcum powder all over the carpet and leaving it for a few hours.
When I came back....look what I could see on the chair seat!
These sneaky little paw prints went from the seat of the chair,
to the arm of the chair... the top of the chair....
...right to the gerbilarium!
And we know just who made those tracks don't we!
She can't even hide her evil intentions can she!
It's no good Crystal, you are going to have to learn to cover your tracks!


  1. The drinks sound lovely - mmmmm. Mind you - I've always wondered about cats!

  2. The overriding opinion is...don't buy it again mum!