Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Breakfast In Style!

This morning started off in style!
A friend and I had arranged to meet for breakfast at a new bread shop, that has opened up a small café in its premises.
They specialise in sour dough and have recently expanded to patisserie delights as well!
Heaven aye!
I was a little spoilt for choice, but ended up choosing the avocado and poached egg on sourdough toast.
Infact I asked for the bread NOT to be toasted.
I love fresh bread in its natural state.
Mundane sliced bread is what I prefer toast to be made from.
We had a delicious latte....well...actually we had two, we were there for that long!
AND.....dare I confess....we had a cinnamon roll as well...but that was two hours after breakfast!
I imagine the bakers thought we were never going to leave!
I had intended calling in to see my Recycled Teenager in the dementia home on the way back, but got caught in a downpour...without my brolly and in a short jacket with no hood.
I was so drenched I couldn't face the visit, so will try and fit that in tomorrow.
I then decided to finish a job I had started yesterday in our bedroom.
Pulling out the large pieces of furniture to hoover behind and wash down the paint work.
I found an embarrassing number of dust bunnies...and yes I know its cruel to break up their habitat...but it just had to be done!
I had a chat with Grandma on the phone. Sadly she had a bit of a relapse in the night and was once again in pain and suffering from nausea.
Her blood tests have come back normal, so on one hand that is good news, on the other hand it has left her despondent, with no reason for her suffering.
Quite what was tested we don't know.
She hasn't been taking her antacid regularly, as suggested by the doctor, so I have encouraged her to do that and try to eat a little each meal time, maybe keeping a food diary to see if the pain is triggered by something particular.
She is not really feeling like eating, understandably.
Today is the first day I haven't taken her something for dinner, I am thinking I will make some vegetable soup and see if that agrees with her.
I popped into Lidl's this afternoon.
I thought these gingerbread tree decorating sets looked rather good.
Boxed and with everything you need to decorate two large cookies, at £1.99 I thought they were good value.
I have bought a few as stand by gifts for Friday Club.
I always dread missing a child from the list ( even though I check check and double check!)
If they aren't needed, the Teens will love them that's for sure!


  1. food and friendship - my kind of day!

  2. Gingerbread trees look good. Breakfast seemed to take a long time though!