Friday, 13 November 2015

Angels and Mobile Phones!

This morning I had intended visiting a new Tesco Superstore that opened yesterday.
It's less than a mile away, so will be very convenient.
But first thing I had a call from Grandma saying she was still unwell and could I take her to the doctors.
The rest of the morning was spent sitting in the surgery.
When we finally got in to see the Doctor, he gave her a thorough check up and couldn't find any reason for her feeling so unwell.
He took some blood tests and said to call back Monday for the results.
Hopefully just knowing her basics are fine, will help her worry less and start to feel better.
Knowing how hard it is to think about what to eat and cook it when you are feeling unwell, I asked if there was anything she fancied for lunch.
She thought a piece of steamed fish and mash might appeal, so I dropped her back home, then went to the new Tesco.
I thought of all the things I know she usually likes and bought a few to try and tempt her to eat.
Egg custard tarts, milk roll bread, rice pudding and of course the fish.
I steamed the piece of fresh haddock and made some parsley sauce ( which she also thought she might like) to go with it.
There was enough to make a little fish pie for her dinner tomorrow as well.
Later in the evening I rang to check she hadn't had any ill effects from eating and she said she had eaten it all and other than feeling very tired was starting to pick up a little.
Lets hope with some food in her and a good nights sleep, she will start to turn a corner tomorrow.
Last night, Teen One and I sat and cut out circles, and semi circles....
...and this is what the Friday Club kids created out of them!
Our story tonight was the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary.
I asked the children if they knew what angels were and one little lad said "yes...they are God's people"
I rather liked that answer!
We did of course explain that they were Gods one could think of what a messenger was...or even a message...until I said "well you know what a text message is..." ahh... the penny dropped ...I hope anyway...lets hope they haven't gone home with the idea angels have mobile phones!


  1. Loving the angels - that is our theme next Friday!

  2. I hope that Grandma is on the mend x