Sunday, 22 November 2015

An Unexpected Brisk Walk!

As you know, last night was the coldest we have had in a long time.
We have a monthly Saturday night church service and last night Teen One, Hubby and I went.
We were toasty and warm inside...but boy was it cold outside!
At the end of the service and supper, Hubby offered to go and get the car, which was parked about ten minutes (oh to have our own car park!)
Some time later, with only Teen One and I left at church hubby rang to say he couldn't get the car started!
There was nothing for it but to walk home...and me being a silly billy was wearing a gilet, which is of course sleeveless!
The wind had thankfully died down, but it was a brisk walk indeed!
The assumption was the battery was dud, so once home Hubby went straight online and reserved a new one at our local Halfords.
Today was of course our family service followed by lunch.
Once that was over we drove to where Hubby's car was parked and guess started first time!!
However, having reserved the battery, we decided to go to Halfords and get them to check the old was only holding half the we went ahead and bought the new one.
I am so thankful it was  a simple solution...I have a hectic week and didn't fancy not having my car!
We had a quick tea...but one the Teens love....a family size pack of Doritos, with salsa, greek yogurt and grated cheese scattered on top...placed under the grill until the cheese melts....delicious!

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