Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Happy Accident!

This morning at Mother and Toddlers it was my turn to do the activity.
As I had a lot of angels left over from Friday club, I decided to "cheat" and do the same craft with the tots.
It went down really well and the mums were very impressed with their little darlings creativity.
After the clear up and then dropping off Grandma and another dear old lady, I was looking forward to a bit of down time, before going next door for the cleaning session.
I had no sooner got in the door than the phone went...Teen Two was in medical with a migraine... would I go and collect him.
So back in the car I went, and zipped over to collect the poorly boy.

When he came out to reception bearing this can imagine how my heart sank!
Thankfully we made it home without it seeing any action!
I waited for Teen One to come home from college before going next door to clean.
Whilst Teen Two was finally getting some relief from the meds, and was snuggled up in bed, I didn't want to leave him, so when Teen One was home I hot footed it next door.
When I came home I was in one of those "only chocolate will do" with a cuppa I indulged in a box of chocolates Hubby had given me a while back.
They have sat unopened for several weeks, but once can see...I had more than one or two...boy did it hit the spot!

Teen One has spent the afternoon painting signs for the Carol Service...
...whilst I had a happy accident!
A while back I bought Hubby some trousers in M&S, considerably reduced.
I was aware that they were supposed to be dry cleaned, but figured if I put them on a wool wash and dried them carefully, that would be fine.
Today however, without realising it, they went in the regular wash and then into the tumble dryer!
But as you can see, they have survived to tell the tale and will probably be washed in with the usual washing in future!

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