Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A Day Of Mixed Emotions

The weather has been very mild for the time of year, and also rather wet and windy.
However every cloud has a silver lining!
The wind has blown most of the leaves off the nearby trees, and the rain has left the imprint of the leaves on the pavement outside our house.
How pretty it all looks, what a shame the next lot of rain will wash this bespoke pattern away!
A friend was due round for coffee today so I made a batch of blueberry and sunflower seed flapjack.
She has breast cancer and told me today she is now only receiving palliative care.
It was so sad to hear that.
Her daughter and Teen One started school the same day and used to play in each others houses a lot.
Another friend called to say she had to rush her husband to hospital last night.
He is undergoing heart surgery this afternoon.
Around 10am I had a call from Teen Two's school medical room.
For the second time, a student had shone a laser pen in his eye.
The last time this happened this sparked off a few weeks of anxiety and headaches for Teen Two, so needless to say, I was not very impressed that the same student had managed to get hold of the pen again and reek havoc with it once again.
Medical room gave Teen Two an eye bath ( not sure that would do anything really) and I gave permission for him to have some pain killers as a headache was building.
They also let him have a chat to me and that seemed to reassure him and I didn't receive any further phone calls.
It has nonetheless left me feeling rather cross.
What if some irreparable damage has been done to his eye?
Online research seems to suggest it is highly unlikely damage has occurred, but I am taking no chances this time and am making an appointment with the optician.
Milly the cat is getting soft in her old age.
She has never been a lap cat, but has in recent times taken to sitting on my lap
At lunch time she suddenly took a fancy to Teen One's lap! Much to Teen One's delight!
For dinner tonight I am doing salmon and am having a go at a white sauce Grandma always makes.
It is always delicious and  I am hoping I bought the right vegetable stock powder for making it!
About an hour ago the door bell rang...it was my neighbour's son with the cyclamen plant for me!
He brings me flowers and plants so often!
He used to buy them for his mum, so each time he brings me something I am reminded of her and how much I miss her.
It really has been a day of very mixed emotions.


  1. Laser pens should be banned in schools - there's no need for them to be there. Sorry to hear about your friend. I know how useless you can feel but they will appreciate you being there for them x

  2. I don't like to criticise staff, but when a teacher has had her laser pen taken once, one would assume she would learn a lesson and keep it with her at all times!