Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Change In The Weather!

This morning saw the start of our Christmas family traditions.....going to our local Church of England's Christmas Fayre.
It's always been a popular time with the teens, since they were very small.
The church have plenty of traditional stalls, which Teen Two in particular enjoys.
There are always stalls selling home made wares, very handy for little presents.
A lacemaker is always there and over the years we have bought several of her beautiful decorations.
This year there was a spinning Jenny as well.
The walk to and from the church was absolutely bitter.
The sun was shining brightly, but the wind was biting.
My butternut squash soup has proved a hit recently, and being so quick and easy to make, I made some for lunch today.
On such a cold day, it was a healthy hearty meal....if you discount the soft batch loaf of bread and butter  we had with it!
This afternoon Teen One has been doing homework and also piano practise, ahead of her Grade Four exam on Monday.
I spent some time in the kitchen. Tomorrow is our family service followed by the bring and share lunch, so I have been preparing for that.
Last time I took blackberry flapjack it went down well, so again, being quick and easy, I made another batch.
I had some ironing to catch up on,  ironing this tea towel, from a friend, always makes me smile and just about sums me up!
It also reminds me of my grandmother who regularly used the phrase just after she had eaten her favourite chocolate, Galaxy.
After finishing the ironing I felt like a bit of a breather...but someone had beaten me to my seat!
It's a cat's life isn't it!
There has been a real change in the weather today... so this afternoon hubby has been out sawing up wood for us...we now have a lovely cosy fire to relax in front of.
Within the next couple of weeks the pumpkins will be made into soup and the autumn display replaced with Christmas doesn't seem so long ago we were packing them away!

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