Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Who Would Do That?!

Today started rather early in this house....4.30am!
Hubby had to be at work for 6.30am ready for a trip to Essex.
Now it's true I was able to turn over and get back to sleep...but the reality was I tossed and turned until it was time for me to get up.
However, it was good to be up, and appreciate the early morning sun streaming through the conservatory window.
I had several things planned for today, changing the bedding next door, popping in to town, going to the dump with the weekend's garden waste to name but a few.
But all this changed when Grandma rang to say she had been up most of the night with a troublesome heart rate.
She had made an appointment with the doctor for 10am and needed a lift ( and some moral support no doubt) down there.
Having finished all the "first thing in the morning" chores, I didn't really feel like getting on with something major, as I only had about 45mins before I needed to get Grandma.
So, nothing for it but to have a lovely cup of peppermint tea, finish off the sewing of the granny squares and watch one of my favourite TV programmes...
I hadn't seen this episode before so it was a real treat to put my feet up and watch some light entertainment.
Yorkshire is a beautiful part of the country, and I fell in love with it years ago reading the James Herriot series of books.
Teen Two loves Compo and laughs so much when he ends up with water all over him.
Howard reminds me of my Grandad, his mannerisms, his hands and the way he is always sneaking off on his bike to enjoy the (innocent) company of another female!
The trip to the doctors proved inconclusive, since Grandma's heart rate decided to behave itself for the entire appointment!
The Doctor did however give her a hand held heart monitor, on loan for the next three days.
If and when she gets the uncomfortable sensations, she holds the monitor in her hand and the device will record what is going on.
With Grandma safely returned home with her little device, it was time for me to pop into town.
Nothing spectacular to mention, a few bits and pieces in Poundland ( with one or two stocking fillers bought) and a trip to Holland and Barrett for their Penny Sale...only it WASN'T their Penny sale....did I dream it? I am sure I saw an ad on TV yesterday!
This afternoon has been a blur of washing in, washing out, washing folded, hoovering, corner sorting, and finally preparing dinner.
You may be wondering why there is a photo of the humble potato, well.... as I was peeling them today, I was reminded of something Teen Two said the other month.
I always buy the cheapest potatoes, and for some time now, they happen to have been pre-washed.
Morrison's had a sack of potatoes reduced to £2, which is a great bargain as 2.5kg is often £2.50!
When I opened them I saw they were unwashed...not a problem, so I set to and filled up a bowl with water to peel them in.
Teen Two passed by, saw the pile of dirty potatoes and said "Who would do that!!"
For some reason he had thought someone had deliberately covered the potatoes in dirt!
Quite why he should think that I have no idea...especially since he has helped his Grandad dig potatoes out of the ground in their garden!

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  1. the potato incident gave me a good chuckle - thank you x