Sunday, 6 September 2015

Unexpected Guests

Last night I got the urge to make a fruit cake for today's tea.
A friend of mine always makes a lovely moist fruit cake using the melting method.

I looked through some recipe books for one using that method,  just in case the proportions were different to my usual recipe.
I found one in an old Be-Ro edition and set to making it.
I must say, it does smell delicious when the fruit is cooking away.

When looking through my recipe book shelf, I came across these very old booklets. I have had them for many years, and imagine the old lady whose house they came from had them for even more years.
The Oxo one is from 1936 I know, the others I haven't managed to find dates for yet.
I aim to give a recipe a go from each book this week.
Some are not very appetising at all...I will share them with you as the week unfolds!

I also found this booklet....not so old, and have found a couple of dinner recipes for this week, its nice to have something different for a change isn't it.
When we arrived at church this morning, it was lovely to see a family of seven sitting there. We didn't know them and it was their first visit to the area.
They are home educators and had come to enhance their Tudor project.
The children's ages ranged from 17-6.
Throughout the service I must confess to my mind wandering a bit, working out how I could stretch the small piece of beef  I had left roasting in the oven to seven more!
The joint had actually been a very large one, but this morning I cut it in half and froze the other half...a decision I was seriously regretting!
As soon as the service was over I asked if they would like to come back, and as you might imagine, parents of five children are rather taken aback that a stranger with not much notice, would take them on.
Although we are not a huge family ourselves, our extended family is rather large as was hubbys, and I have grown up watching family members make a small dinner large enough for many unexpected guests...and I guess its not the first time I have done it, but not in a little while is the truth.
With freezers  these days, its easy to take out some sausages, find some extra veg to supplement the ever shrinking beef and do a double lot of Yorkshires ( which turned out super perfect......don't know how, but they were most impressive !)
It was rather like the feeding of the five thousand...not because our little dining room table had twelve instead of five....but because I seemed to have more food left over than I started with!!
Praise the Lord that no one left the table hungry!

Teen One spent the afternoon on the garden swing with the six year old girl...who I spotted was snuggled up to her.
They did all go for a short walk round our local pond, but the rest of the time was spent chatting and getting to know each other.

Tea was a very simple affair....bread and butter with jam, spreads, cheese, ham etc.
I was thankful for the urge I had last night to make a cake ( which was a little drier than it should have been owing to the fact once I put it in the oven, I sat down and completely forgot about it!)
Grandma had a home made sponge in the freezer which added to the proceedings and one or two other items I had in store meant we all had plenty for tea.
They all went off to the evening service, I stayed behind to clear the table....which couldn't be done until I had emptied the dishwasher from lunchtimes the clearing up took some time, but it was worth all the effort to show some love and hospitality to our unexpected guests.

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  1. Well done you! That family will never forget the day they came to you for lunch and tea. It is always very humbling to put yourself out only to find your the one who is Blessed! Xxx