Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Too Many Chefs? Not In Our House!

The first port of call for Teen One and I today, was the dreaded dentist.
Quite why this chair fills me with dread, when it has more than not been a place where pain has been relieved, rather than inflicted....and yet I don't seem to get over that feeling of fear as the appointment time draws near.
Thankfully, both the Teens have had good experiences at the dentist, so it's not something they fear...long may that last.
Today Teen One was given a clean bill of health...I almost got away with it, but a chipped filling let me down.
I have to go back Saturday ( yes a weekend appointment!) to get it sorted.
It isn't causing me any problems at the moment, I hope the same can be said this time next week!
I dropped Teen One off at college...along with a batch of brownies she had made last night.
As I passed through the kitchen I saw her in the corner licking out the bowl....I guess there are some things you just never grow out of!
Her English teacher has turned Wednesday's into Cake Day! Someone else is bringing along spinach cake... I was eager to try one, so Teen One brought one (of the several!) left over.... was very green...

... even more so when cut open! But it was had a slight scented taste to it....Teen One informs me it as cardamom.
There was no spinach taste ( which is just as well in a cake!) but would be something I would happily eat again.
I called in to see my Recycled Teenager in the dementia home. Her family are away on holiday so I said I would call in as often as possible to make sure things are ok.
I noticed today that in the signing in book it had a list of people who signed themselves as "Inspectors."
I thought that would for sure mean everyone was getting top rate attention....however the place was like a graveyard...not a soul to be seen.
My poor friend was no happier than the other day and showed no signs of recognition, just kept pleading for help.
She has a lovely view out of her window, but it's not something she is able to enjoy.
There was a time when she could at least sit in the chair, with all her worldly belongings inside the cabinet, and enjoy a little of the day, and look back at photos of happier and healthier times, but those days are gone.
Like last time, all I felt I could do was put my hands together, as a child would in prayer, say a few words, and hope somewhere in that poor muddled brain she would remember how prayer once comforted her.
It was then back home for that pile of ironing that just never seems to go away... over to collect Teen Two as he had a half day......
...treat him to the drive thru KFC for lunch...and this time they got the order right, beans instead of fries!
I have been trying to get the Teens interested in some basic's not something they appear to have a particular flair or passion for, so I have decided to do it the easy way...using ready made jars.
I figured most people probably use this method ( judging by the vast array on the supermarket shelves.)
We have gone for the oven method of making bolognaise today...its by far the quickest and I think makes the tastiest meals as well as the meat has time to tenderise in the slow cooking.
He doesn't really like onions, and although I always put them in a bolognaise, there didn't seem much point putting him through the agony of sore eyes chopping up something he is not likely to use should he ever live alone.
Later on this afternoon we will learn the next how easy can that be aye!
If he can master this simple dish, then he wont ever starve...or have to live off beans on toast.
I have ordered one of these meat thermometers, which costs less than £3, which will be useful for both the Teens and Hubby.
I don't know about you, but cooking is not an exact science for me. I cook a lot by instinct and knowing when things look "done."
Having the thermometer will reduce the risk of any of them giving themselves food poisoning!
That is of course if I can persuade any of them to actually cook something in the first place!
I can at least try!

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