Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Soap Making....For Dummies!

Today started with an early, planned catch up with a friend.
It's ages since I had a proper barista latte...so this taste delish!
Knowing the coffee lounge we were meeting in was famous for it's breakfast menu...I didn't have any breakfast before leaving.
She recommended the bacon butties....I wasn't expecting them to be this big!!
They were made with sourdough bread from a local artisan bakery.
The bacon was locally sourced too and was so tasty.

We had met to discuss the changes to our sons special educational needs provision, from a Statement to an EHC Plan.
Unfortunately, our coffee had just been served when I had a call from Teen Two's school...he had pulled a hamstring in PE and was in considerable pain.
I asked if they could give him some painkillers and have a little lie down, then call me if things didn't improve.
I munched down the bacon sarnie as quick as I could, as I knew that it was very likely they would be calling me again.
True enough.....the call came that they felt he should come home.
I can't hide the fact I had looked forward to meeting up with this friend and enjoying the good company and food...so to have to cut it short and risk indigestion was not what I had planned.
That's life I guess.
So I said a sad goodbye to my friend and whizzed over to collect Teen Two.
On returning home, however, I was greeted with the unexpected pleasure of another friend there waiting for me...complete with flowers and....
It's just a shame that bacon butty had left me so full.
Hubby will enjoy it later no doubt!
Unfortunately she was only on her lunch break, so after a cuppa and catch up, she was back off to work.
Teen Two had spent some time on the PC...and it felt only right that he shouldn't be on there all afternoon...so I set him the task of preparing the veg for tonight's dinner.
Meanwhile, I wanted to do something creative, still feeling I had missed out somewhat on a lovely morning!
I had been itching to try soap making...for dummies...for a while.
I started off with some "pure and simple" style soap...
...grated it all....
...added it to a bowl with a cup of water (2cups of grated soap needs one cup of water) and melted it over a pan of boiling water....
...once it had melted, I added some lavender...
..and some oatmeal...
...spooned the mixture into silicone cupcake cases, adding a sprig of lavender on top...
..and pretty soon they started to turn white again!
They are still a little soft...I am eager to see how hard they ultimately set.
If they are a success they are destined to become Christmas pressies.

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