Monday, 28 September 2015

Soap Making Disaster!

As you know, I keep a close eye on my Recycled Teenager next door. His son is very appreciative for all we do, and regularly treats me to little gifts.
This time it was this bright and cheerful potted "mum"
Not only that, but he also brought in a bag of homegrown tomatoes.
Seeing as mine pitiful few are still green, they were most welcome.
Teen One and I enjoyed them in our lunchtime sandwich.
The morning was spent doing my usual Monday things, visiting another Recycled Teenager, a trip to the supermarket and some housework.
I was rather disappointed to see that my efforts to make some handcrafted soaps last week, haven't turned out as good as I had hoped!
These ugly brown patties are certainly not set to be Christmas presents!
I think the problem is the oats I added....I will try again with just the lavender.
 The soaps are now in an empty jam jar and I will use them up myself.
They do smell good and the oats are supposed to be good for your skin!

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