Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Rekindling The Passion!

Today started with one of my least favourite the oven.
This blurry picture does not do justice to how gleaming it now looks!
I am glad its out of the way for a while!
It does have a lick and a promise daily, and kitchen roll is my best friend at keeping the grease down, but deep cleaning is reserved for a few times a year.
I see several small businesses offering this service for around £35 and this morning it felt like they earned every penny of it!
With that chore out of the way, it was time to tackle another messy chore, getting rid of the garden waste.
I saw several people with bags like this at the recycling centre today, I felt quite envious!
Our local authority (which borders two other authorities who use the same centre) doesn't provide such bags. Instead we save any strong bags ( from sand, cement etc) and they do a fairly good job.
I noticed, when loading the car up for the dump, that it looked like the entire Sahara Desert had fallen from the sky overnight, and all over my car!
Cue another messy job for me!
After all that strenuous work, I was famished come lunch time, so ditched the rice cakes for real carbs...fresh wholemeal bread, with some philly cheese and a drizzle of that lovely basil infused olive oil. A handful of baby spinach leaves to add some was very very yum! So yum, I was desperate to eat it all over again...but resisted!
However I really should have had that extra sandwich, as a couple of hours later I was so hungry I wasn't able to resist the Turkish delight I had bought in Poundland yesterday!
They are around 75p each usually,  so when I see  a pack of three in Poundland there's no question about not buying them!
Aside from the fact they are absolutely delicious ( albeit very small and calorific!) they bring back happy childhood memories.
My Grandmother used to buy them around Christmas time, decorate a trolley with festive serviettes, then laden the trolley with treats which we were allowed to help ourselves to!
My memory is we were incredibly well behaved grandchildren and didn't indulge in  more than one treat at a time!

I popped into Tesco briefly and was greeted by an assistant handing out "Bags for Life" for free!
Next week sees the start of the new Government Legislation where large businesses must start charging for single use carriers.
I have been trying to keep carriers in my bag now, as I am far too thrifty to pay for one and will have to remember to buy bin liners from now on!
When I was in Tesco last week, I saw this dress reduced from £13 to £5.
I thought it would suit Teen One, but she wasn't too sure when she saw it hanging on the door handle.
However, when she teamed it up with a pair of white leggings,  her white denim jacket and a pair of navy ballet pump shoes, she looked really stunning in it!
How I wished I was a size 10 and could wear it...and maybe be 30 years younger!
Today they had the same dress, in red, so I took a chance and bought it.
I reckon on a bright summers day, with her white leggings and jacket it will look great.
I finally got the blocking done today. Can you see how the cover on the left  which has been pinned down, has a much straighter edge than the one of the right? It is also slightly bigger.
After pinning, I spray liberally with water and leave them to dry.
I had a bit of a clear out today in my "corner" and found some left over yarn I had forgotten I had.
Having seen so many tea cosies at various tea shops in recent times, it would seem the humble cosy has made a bit of a come back.
So I thought I would make one with the left over yarn.
I haven't done any knitting in absolutely ages...preferring to use a hook than needles, so am hoping this will rekindle my passion!

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  1. I always use IKEA blue bags for my garden rubbish - you can fit loads in!

    Lovey dresses - and what a bargain!