Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Please Take A Moment To Say Hello!

Today was another day full of housewifely duties.
When the Teens are home for the holidays I do all the usual essential stuff, but don't worry too much about things that just aren't going to be noticed if I don't do them.
Consequently, its a game of catch up when the new term starts.
I thought the inside windows were due a clean, I am always surprised at how much dirt comes off when I get round to this rather dull chore!
I saw these wipes in Poundland the other week and thought I would give them a go, hoping they would make the job quick, easy and satisfying....wrong!
Yes, they did wipe off a lot of dirt...but the smears it left behind was impossible to ignore!
I thought maybe if I left the windows for a bit they would dry smear free without any further input from me...wrong!
So, there was nothing for it but to get out the vinegar and kitchen paper towels and redo them.
Now I must confess to leaving the big conservatory ones, but I couldn't ignore the ones leading to the conservatory from the living room, and the worst of it was....they are the least straight forward...
...if you can still see smears....look away!
I don't seem to have any energy for crafting in the evenings at the moment.
But that's not to say my evenings are spent doing nothing.
Last night it was a case of drop Teen Two off at his sports club...come home and finish Hubby's dinner, make the packed lunches up...dash back to get Teen Two, clear the kitchen...then time for a sit down...well....almost....Teen Two thought he was in need of a haircut...which generally means Hubby is due for one too.
So, out with the clippers and away I went.
Now one of my fellas is follicley challenged...I will let you decide which one!
I took a little time out from working to pay a visit to my Recycled Teenager in the dementia home.
She seemed as if she knew me today...although I can't be sure, but she smiled and said "nice to see you."
It wasn't possible to have a conversation with her, her hearing is deteriorating so.
She mumbled on about a disagreement she had earlier with someone...who knows if it was true, could have been, or could be her mind recalling an incident from years ago.
It's hard to know how to fill even a few minutes to be honest. As she wasn't agitated today, I thought I would suggest I pray with her. I put my hands together in a very exaggerated way, hoping she would understand what I was going to do.
I then looked around the room and was sad to see her Bible, once so close to hand, was away in a drawer.
I showed it to her and motioned that I would read with her.
I opened up at Psalms and just read a few verses.
I know she wouldn't have been able to hear, but hoped that by doing those two things, it might spark a memory from when she was able to do those precious things for herself.

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