Thursday, 24 September 2015

Mum's Taxi Service

Last night I was in the mood for some of the sewing in of the ends of my granny squares.
Milly was trying to lay claim to my lap, which is comforting usually, but last night I really needed the space to keep the cuttings etc. No matter how many times I took her off, she jumped up again! She finally settled for a little corner of my lap and  the arm of the chair.
Just as I was clearing up from Mother and Toddlers this morning, I had a call from Teen Two's school medical room...the second time this week!
This time it was a headache.
Now he does, like me, suffer from headaches, but if its not a migraine, I would prefer he learnt to work through it..with some painkillers of course.
They had given him one paracetamol, which I didn't think was enough, I would have given him two, so I suggested he have a second one and they let me know how things went.
I didn't hear anything for another two hours...then half an hour before school was out, they called again!
He has a taxi to and from school ( which we pay dearly for, even with the subsidy ) and by the time I would have got to him, he could have been half way home in the taxi.
I don't really know why school asked me to get him, but after chatting to him, I persuaded them both it was best he come home in the taxi as usual.
When he got back, he was only complaining of a small headache, but I gave him some ibuprofen to try and knock it on the head. (Oops..pardon the pun!)
He managed to do all his usual after school chill out things, so I feel I made the right call, he even wanted to go to his new football club tonight.
I don't believe in letting kids suffer the pain of headaches or tummy aches, however they do need to build up some resilience and know when a pain is so bad you need to lie down, or its one you can work through
For dinner tonight I made some tuna fishcakes.
I had rather a lot of mash potato left from a night or two ago, too much to throw away, so thought I would try these out.
I made it up as I went along, it was something like this...
Tin of tuna
handful of grated cheese
dried sage
egg to bind
I made them into patties...coated them in egg, then freshly made breadcrumbs, popped them in the oven for 15 mins.....
...and they came out lovely and golden brown.
The kids hailed them a hit!
Tonight has been mum's taxi service...infact all week has! Teen Two has three new activites Tues Sports club, Weds Internet Café, Thurs football.
Tonight is also Teen One's piano lesson, so I have to be at piano for 5.15, football for 5.30 ( the other side of town!) back to collect Teen One from piano at 5.45, then back to get Teen Two at  6.30pm
Needless to say I am tired out...good job hubby's dinner is left overs and only needs to go in the microwave!

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