Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Look what I came downstairs to this morning!
I guess hubby must have had trouble with it when he made his first cuppa of the day...maybe its time to put it out for early retirement and convert it to a flower pot!
Today has been all about spring autumn cleaning.
Things I have wanted to get to for a while, but not had the enthusiasm for.
One  such job was pulling out the sofa in the conservatory for a good vacuum and clean.
Having two cats, who spend a lot of their time out there on top of the sofa, a lot of fur collects behind it, but pulling it out every week is too much of an ask!
So today, I started the dreaded task. I had forgotten that last winter I had bought these Damp Traps from Poundland and popped them behind the sofa. Being an unheated room, it can suffer from dampness and then the inevitable mould. I was delighted to see that the three traps I put out were full up!
I will be buying some more now I know how effective they are.
Perhaps we can now put up the new blinds and not worry about them getting black mould on the back.
So the sofa is now all spick and span, free from cat hair back and front. It has also received a "feed" from the leather spray I also bought in Poundland. It seems to stop the leather from drying out and lifts a surprising amount of dirt off.
The floor is smelling lovely and fresh having been bleached and  I feel a real sense of satisfaction.
The fact it took about three hours to do ( with a few breaks for a friend arriving) makes me think what else I could have achieved in three hours.
The other clear out I had today was in the filing cabinet.
Three big bags full of unnecessary stuff.
It was quite a pleasant chore as it turned out as I came across all sorts of memorabilia I had forgotten about...
...this piccie of the Teens when they were little. We had been swimming, then paid a visit to the library where an eco event was on. The local paper had sent a photographer along and she picked the art work the Teens had been working on as her shot. It was such a surprise to see it in the paper a few weeks later, I had forgotten all about it!
I also found a few letters that Teen Two had written to me. He used to do them in the conservatory, where we kept an arts and crafts table, then hide them around the house for me to find!
Such a lovely memory.
Had to smile at the 11,000%  I guess he really was sure he loved me!
For dinner tonight I was really organised and put a piece of brisket beef in the slow cooker before going to bed last night.
I have never made pulled beef before but figured it would be easy and make a change midweek.
After slowly cooking away for around 18hours, it was very easy to pull apart with a fork...
... I then returned it to the slow cooker to keep warm, with some Jack Daniels Barbecue sauce.
I have never bought this brand before, but it is a regular feature on the TGI Friday menu, and we have always enjoyed it there, so I thought I would give it a go.
As the slow cooker was going to be on for so many hours, I decided to put in some steak and kidney I had bought in the reduced section the other week.
I don't like kidney myself, but hubby does. Its not something I buy very often at all...infact I couldn't tell you the last time I bought it...years ago!
So that too was cooked today and tomorrow I will make it into a pie for him.
I am hoping the kidney hasn't flavoured the brisket too much!
Having found that little note from Teen Two...I have that warm fuzzy feeling that being loved brings and am so grateful for the Teens who bring so much pleasure to our lives.


  1. Are you sure that you didn't sabotage your own teapot? I can smell the steak and kidney from here - mmmmm. I love popping a kidney into mince when cooking in the slower cooker - gives a lovely flavour - mmmmm

    1. Gagging ever so slightly at the thought of kidney in mince! Hand on heart, did not touch the teapot :)