Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Holiday Memories

Today was of course, the first day back at school.
 Always my least favourite day of the year.
After visiting a couple of my Recycled Teenagers and a trip to Morrison's, it was time to tackle some much needed housework.
Washing in, washing out, clean linen on beds, suitcases packed away in the loft....and finally, the dreaded ironing.
Today however it brought a smile to my face. I had forgotten Teen Two had taken a fancy to a T Shirt at the Dads Army Museum....ironing it took me back to that warm and sunny day a couple of weekends ago when we visited it and had a lovely cuppa in the tea shop.

Something else that reminded me of the happy times we have had, was ironing the new tea towels I bought this summer.
I decided a couple of years ago to buy a tea towel whenever we go anywhere special. Not only buy them...but use them! My grandparents used to have drawers full of new tea towels, whilst continuing to use old stained ones that should long since have been relegated to the rag bag!
I have quite a collection now, and its really lovely to be reminded of the places we have been and memories we have created.

It wasn't until I bought this tea towel that I realised beach huts have very little to do with Clovelly!  Never mind, I like beach huts ( which is what took my eye when in the gift shop) and I liked Clovelly so why shouldn't the two go together!
I had to smile at Milly today, she has a habit of cosying up on anything she perceives as being new ( which can be rather annoying!) Today she obviously felt my ironing pile was worthy of a "christening."
and she wasn't giving up her spot no matter how small it got!
She stayed there right to the bitter end!
Crystal, meanwhile, opted for a spot of camouflage!

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  1. Even I could appreciate those bootiful cats x. Return to school? When? Who? Oh I remember it well!