Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Food Glorious Food!

Today has been a stay at home day, something I have been looking forward to for a while. The house to myself (for half the day anyway) and the opportunity to have a clear and clean out of the food cupboards.
I can't say its my most favourite job to do, but I love how it looks afterwards!
How is it I always have two of so many things...both open at the same time!
With everything out on the worktop it was easy to combine the duplicated goods and ditch the out of date ones....
...a carrier bag full of it all! How lovely not to have all the unnecessary junk in the cupboard.
It doesn't seem like that long ago I cleaned it all out, but judging by the embarrassing amount of dirt its longer than I think!
Now everything is organised and labelled... both cupboards...leaving them looking almost bare!
Whilst sorting the cupboards out, I found this dip which I had bought a few months ago from Approved Foods.
Now you will see that the best before date on the lid is way out of date, but we are assured that everything bought from Approved Food, whilst near or past its best before date, is perfectly safe to eat.
If you have never used Approved Foods, I can highly recommend them. We have had two deliveries from them and been delighted with everything they have sent, at a fraction of the cost had the items been bought in the shops.
It has also given us the opportunity to try things we may not have at full price.
This dip, however, is the first thing I have not was foul! I thought for sure it must have gone rancid, especially as the date was over a year ago.
Teen One however thinks its nice! No accounting for taste!
Whilst our taste buds differed on the dip, they were in harmony with today's lunch.
Grandma had brought a selection of cheeses with her on Sunday and both Teen One and I were particularly partial to the white stilton and cranberry.
We had it for lunch with some digestive biscuits, blueberries and her favourite tipple J20.
In today's post, we received this charming, handmade invitation.
It is for my sister in law's Silver Wedding Anniversary at the end of the year.
I am guessing the picture was drawn by our niece, and am fairly sure it is almost identical to their wedding invitation, which my sister in law drew all those years ago.
It looks like its going to be in a prestigious building inside Canterbury Cathedral's grounds.
The menu looks very yummy indeed...I will be hard pushed to choose what I am going to have!
Hubby on the other hand is going to struggle with the mains...he isn't keen on fish or pork!
The Teens will be fine with the menu thankfully.
Here are the ingredients from "Take Five Ingredients" recipe book, for today.
It's beef in red wine with cranberry.
I am particularly chuffed that is has cost a fraction of what it could have done.
The onions were ready chopped and reduced. The wine came free from our last Hilton Break.
The recipe called for stewing steak, but at over £3 for a very small amount in Morrisons yesterday, I opted to buy a large piece of brisket for just over £4 and for three times the weight I needed.
So half has been used today and the other half frozen.
It is in the oven now and smelling very good indeed!

Yesterdays tuna dish went down well...and no mention of the peas from Teen Two!
For me it was a little dry, but tasty.
The crème fraiche on top of the potatoes with the cheese was superb!
But I daren't look at the calorific value!
I couldn't let today go by without saying congratulations to Her Majesty The Queen for her record in being our longest serving Monarch


  1. Well done on the sorting out, very satisfying when it is finished. I often feel like putting everything in our home outside, cleaning all the rooms then only bringing back what looks nice!! No clutter just nice things. AND then I realise that it just wouldn't be 'home', so we stay cluttered. Much less effort.
    Heard today that my present husband and I are going to be Great Grandparents for the third time!! Xxxxx

    1. That's what I think about the clearing out...I look at some folks homes and see how empty they are and easy to tidy...but then I think...but no memories, just a show home.
      Great grandparents exciting! Where do the years ago, doesn't seem so long ago we were excited about their parents being born!