Thursday, 3 September 2015


Regular readers of my little blog will know for the first time, this year, I have been trying my hand at veggie growing. It has not been a natural past time for me and there have been times when I wish I hadn't started!
This all began when a friend sent the Teens a Funky Veg Kit for Christmas.
As kind and well meaning as it was, it sadly did little to tickle their gardening fancies!
I felt rather duty bound therefore to  set to and plant the seeds so we at least could send a picture to my friend.
You will remember the excitement of the seedlings actually growing well....

...and the time Teen Two and I spent together preparing the soil... will remember how small those seedlings looked once planted.....
...and how excited I was to see the first flower!
Week by week the courgettes went from strength to strength...I could finally see how fruitful growing your own veg could be!
Then wonder of first courgette was born!!
How thrilling! I couldn't wait for it to grow and then cut it fresh from the stalk, ready to be turned into some culinary delight!
This last stage of growing seemed to take rather a long time. Whenever I went out to check on their size, they seemed to be the same as the day before.
It was heartening however to see so many baby courgettes...I thought of the harvest I was going to yield and the photos I would be uploading with pride!
The week we were away was rather wet and I imagined how good this would be for the big they would be when we returned home!
The patch certainly was looking healthy, sprawling half way over the patio...
but where were my lovely big courgettes?
Closer inspection a couple of days ago rather alarmed me....where there once had been a baby courgette...there was now nothing!
I hadn't stopped to think about checking the progress of one particular courgette...just looked generally, noticing how many babies there were.
I now was filled with the dreaded thought that something was eating my courgettes before I could!
I sprinkled some of those pretty blue pellets around, that can only mean I had one culprit in mind!

This ugly sight greeted me yesterday...a pile of dead and dying slugs and snails!
This pesky little monsters had been feasting on my sweet and juicy baby courgettes all this time!!
I was so cross!
All that time (and money) I had taken, all for nothing!
Not only had they eaten the courgettes...they had also munched their way through the rainbow coloured shard I had planted just before we went on holiday!
Its nothing but a row of stems now!
I am hoping that these little beauties growing, will manage to survive long enough to provide us with at least one meal!
I have put down more pellets, evicted that little chappie at the top of the picture, and hope that is enough to save what little is left.
One thing is for sure, any veg that comes into my house from now on, is not coming from my garden! I have had enough of trying to get in touch with my green fingers will stick to what they know best...crafting and cooking!

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