Friday, 25 September 2015

Chevalier de la Legion d'honneur

Today is Grandma's 81st birthday, so I promised to take her out. We would usually choose a pretty tea shop somewhere, but Teen Two's school was running a MacMillan Coffee morning, so we decided to spend an hour with him.
The students had spent some time preparing posters, setting out their objectives for the session and why they had chosen Macmillan
As the Teen's Grandad had received help from  Macmillan before he died of leukemia, it was a charity close to our hearts
Students designed invitations and hand delivered them to the local community over the weekend
Local stores donated cakes, and staff brought along some home made cakes..always the first choice for us!
Teen Two even had room for two!
Our Bible story at Friday club tonight was Moses and the burning bush.
For our activity we used some cut out "burning bushes" watered down some paints, gave each of the kids a straw and then got them to blow the flames around the cut out.
not only is it a lot of fun, it uses up a lot of puff...and is an incredibly quiet activity! All the time they are blowing they can't be talking!
The title of today's blog, is in honour of my dear neighbour.
This morning as I was leaving, having just popped in as usual to check he was up and about ok, he said, "I had a parcel was a medal from the French government."
"REALLY!!" I replied...I had heard a while back in the media it was in the was thrilled he had received his.
I asked if I could come back and take a picture, but he didn't really want me to.
So typical of his generation, to have given so much, lost so much and be so humble.
I knew Hubby would be keen to see it, so later in the afternoon we both popped in, with Teen One as well, and I asked if he would mind them seeing it.
I did take my camera and although he was rather camera shy, didn't seem to mind me taking a sneaky picture.
He really is our local hero.
He spoke a little of his experiences today, which is very rare. His late wife said he never ever spoke of what he saw and she knew very little of his time in Normandy.
I am sad she didn't live to see him receive this recognition...but we know how proud his son is and we did our best to show our appreciation for the sacrifice he made to give us the life we now have.

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