Thursday, 17 September 2015

Candy Buttons!

Today was my turn to do a craft activity with the tots today at Mother and Toddlers.
Knowing we were going to be a helper down, I opted for something simple with minimal preparation and clearing up to do.
Most of the supermarkets now do tubs of 30 gingerbread men for less than £2, which makes life so much easier than baking them yourself!
To decorate them, I took along some Candy Buttons which I had bought in the US last year.
Despite having been to the US many times and lived there for a while, I hadn't actually come across these before.
I could instantly see endless crafting possibilities for them and picked up a handful of packets. They cost less than £1 each.
Today one of my mums was very excited to see them and asked where I had bought them. She was keen to go straight out and by some!
I had to disappoint her by telling her it would be a long and costly journey to get them.
I did however, share what  I had in the pack so she could have some fun at home with her older girls.
We both mourned the fact they weren't available here in the UK and joked about how much it would cost to buy them online.
Having taken a look on Amazon they are not as expensive as I thought, although this seller doesn't ship to the UK sadly.
Candy Buttons have a long history in the US it would seem and are one of those childhood memories we here in the UK would probably associate with Fruit Salad and Black Jack chews.
Next time I am over I will have to buy a stash and then sell them on ebay!
As usual, after mother and toddlers, it was time to clean for my Recycled Teenager next door.
I felt in need of a sit down afterwards, so decided if I was going to sit down, I needed to do something constructive.
I finally got out the daisy granny squares I had started crocheting in the summer, and started sewing in the ends.
I had intended turning them into a blanket, but having taken a look at my kitchen chair cushion cover, have decided it is well past its sell by date, so will recover the cushion with the squares.
You would never guess from the picture, but it started out life as yellow gingham.
I will be particularly sad to see it go as it used to be part of Teen One's nursery. I bought yellow gingham accessories before she was born, figuring it would go well for a boy or girl.
I also made a cathedral window quilt for the cot, which I will try and unearth to show you.
On the courgette gate side of things...I am in danger of being able to harvest TWO courgettes by the look of things!
Although I am sad to say, despite me continuing to put slug and snail pellets down, the innumerable flowers and baby courgettes I see, just disappear before they can grow big enough to be harvested.
So disappointing.

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  1. With any luck the cushion will have kept its bright colour inside and you could do something with the fabric x