Monday, 14 September 2015

A Teapot Tale

Breakfast has always been something Teen One has struggled with a little.
I guess I am a little the same too, there are some things I just cannot face first thing in the morning.
Teen Two and Hubby, on the other hand, can eat anything no matter how early!
On one of our Hilton Breaks a couple of years ago, we saw something called "Bircher Muesli."
It was love at first taste...for us both!
I have since made it myself, both healthy and slightly unhealthy versions!
Generally I make it when I have some cream left over, but the possibilities are endless.
Dorset Cereals do their own version here
Today, with some cream left over from the weekends Jam Jar Puds, I thought I would whip up some muesli for Teen One to enjoy over the next couple of days.
I tend to use what ever is to hand, today it was, the oats of course, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, dried cherries, sultanas, honey, cream and enough milk to make it a little sloppy.
Over night in the fridge, the oats and dried fruit will plump out and produce an instant, healthy...ish ( we all need a little fat in our diet!) breakfast.
It's quite filling and today's offering should last her 2-3 days( so long as I can resist it!)
For lunch today Teen One and I enjoyed a mozzarella and pomegranate salad with a freshly baked honey and seed roll.

My Monday Recycled Teenager wasn't able to come shopping with me today as usual, as her carer had not arrived to get her showered and dressed.
It must be very frustrating all round, both for the carers and the clients, when something turns up that means the days schedule is running late. No doubt the carers have moans very every client once the late ball has started to roll.
So, after a chit chat and a list of what she wanted, I headed off to the shops alone.
I normally go to our local Morrisons as its smaller, making it easy for her to get around, today however, I decided to ring the changes and go a little further to Asda.
I went out with the mind set to buy only things I needed.
I guess that was rather a big when I saw a bright and cheerful teapot, reduced to £2.50, I thought I couldn't resist it.
It was the only one there, on an end aisle with all sorts of other end of line items.
After walking down a few more aisles, my conscience got the better of me and I walked back to the reduced section and put the teapot back.
I didn't need it, so no matter how good a bargain, I shouldn't buy it!
I did after all have several teapots already.
There is this one for belonged to my Grandmother and was her pride and joy and only came out for special visitors.
I am in fear and dread of breaking it, so it is in my guest bedroom. I figure it serves two purposes...makes the place look pretty, but is also there for any guests to use should they so wish.
Then there is this teapot. It was bought as a leaving gift from a family I worked for as a Nanny in London back in the 80's.
They knew I was collecting the tea set so bought the teapot, sugar bowl and jug to match.
It does get used from time to time, but not every day use.

One of my favourite tea pots is this rather quaint one which I treated myself to many many years ago.
It was advertised in the Womans Weekly, which I bought regularly in those days.
It is however, rather heavy and not very practical, so lives in the china cabinet.
Then there is this teapot, which is my emergency teapot!
It used to be the one we used daily, but it is a terrible pourer and the lid is broken.
We had struggled along with  it, until last Christmas when a close friend gave me a new one as my pressie...
It was in the shape of a cupcake and for several months we used it regularly.
Sadly, Grandma tripped when carrying it and broke the teapot lid.
Thankfully Grandma didn't hurt herself, but she did feel bad about it....
...and came in a few days later with this new one as a replacement.
It is a great pourer, but has an annoying feature of a "built in strainer," which makes it almost impossible to get the last cuppa out with.
You have to hold the pot at a particular angle to get the last of the tea to pour out.
Many times I have thought the pot was empty, only to take the lid off and see it was still awash with tea!
Now when one is given a gift, one has to be seen to be using it, and one certainly can't be moaning about any particular feature of it.
So we have battled on with it.
You can imagine how "sad" I was when this lid lost its handle in the dishwasher one day...nothing to do with me HONESTLY!
Hubby however kindly superglued it together... so thoughtful!
But it is not really doing the job and frequently comes off still.
We are however...battling on with it.
That was until today!
No matter how far away from the reduced aisle I walked, I could still hear the teapot calling out to me!
How could I leave it only £2.50!
I loved the traditional shape, the cheerful colour and of course the price!
And after all...if I need to replace our day to day teapot at any time, I would need to spend way more than that!

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  1. I have a similar breakfast - oats mixed with frozen fruit and yoghurt and left overnight in the fridge to swell and absorb mmmm