Friday, 4 September 2015

A Surprise Garden Visitor

This morning I decided to make pancakes for Teen One's breakfast. I made a batch, so she could help herself from the fridge over the next few days and heat a couple up at a time in the microwave.
She is rather partial to pancakes and I don't make them very often (although ALWAYS on Shrove Tuesday of course) so it was a little treat for her to wake up to.
These were the traditional style pancakes, not the thicker sweet ones favoured by Americans  (as delicious as they are) and I always use the good old Be-Ro recipe
Whether they last "a few days" remains to be seen...I have to confess to pouring some honey on the top one and munching it whilst it was still warm!

A few weeks ago Hubby watched a programme which happened to mention Disney's "Song of the South" video was set to be worth a lot of money as it was becoming rare. It was never released as a DVD and videos are no longer popular so many  have been thrown away.
We happen to own a copy of this video, it was part of a collection of Disney videos we bought very cheaply on ebay some years ago. We didn't actually want this one, but it was included in the deal.
When hubby said it might be worth something one day I made a mental note not to include it in any de cluttering sessions.
Today however, I was in Sainbury's and they had a charity table by the exit, and look what was there! So, in the hopes this will one day swell our meagre pension pot I donated some pennies to the charity and added yet another video to the collection!
Let's hope that TV programme was right!
The heavy rainfall we had in recent weeks meant the grass had grown about a foot!
I had been putting off cutting it this week as there were so many other more important jobs to do, but this afternoon I couldn't stand the untidy view any longer.
It was hard work and truth be told I still haven't completely cleaned up out there, but look what hopped over to me as I was pulling some dried up lemon balm up....Jeremy Fisher! Complete with stripey legs!
I don't know where he came from or how he got into our walled garden, but it was lovely to see him.
We used to have a little pond when we first moved into the house.Visiting nieces and nephews used to love to see the frogs, but when Teen One came along we filled it all in.
I kept him in a bucket of shallow water until Teen Two came home....I just knew he would love to see him. He is such an animal lover, particularly small animals.
True enough, he was delighted with our new guest. We have left the bucket on its side, with water in, so he has easy access in and out.
If he is partial to slugs and snails he will have a feast in our garden, as yesterday's blog post will tell you....just hope he doesn't go for any up the other end where the pellets have been scattered.
Just a thought...I don't suppose frogs eat courgettes do they?

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