Saturday, 12 September 2015

A Family Day Out at Legoland

As you know, today was our trip to LEGOLAND for Teen Two's birthday treat.
The weather was perfect so we were able to enjoy all aspects of the day.
The buildings in Miniland really are works of art.
with so many countries represented
you could walk around all day and see something new
of course its really exciting to see structures you have been up recreated in Lego..
and destinations you have holidayed at...
as well as city's you are very familiar with!
I love the little scenes they recreate too
from the quintessentially English...
to the charming everyday scenes
There are several exhibits reminding us that the site was once "Windsor Safari Park"
such dedication!
My favourite display has always been this family enjoying a picnic
I love all the attention to detail...
such a joy to see.
But of course LEGOLAND is about more than Lego!
And rather a lot about getting wet!
And there are of course rides where someone just has to stay behind and look after the bags!
For some rides you need to have good shooting skills...
... I shall let you guess what side Hubby was sitting on!
I much preferred the leisurely boat ride in the sunshine with Teen One at the wheel.
From one of the rides you can see the London Skyline
Some rides require some muscle power to get you to the top!
Whilst others drift you gently through storyland.
It was lovely to have lunch in the sun on a picnic bench...time to check the map and see what we wanted to do next...and time to enjoy those scrummy Jam Jar Puds!
Of course, no trip to LEGOLAND is complete with  a visit to the Big Shop!
Teen Two loves the Bionicle series...but you only see one or two in the shops, if at a whole wall of them was heaven for him!
and despite having an innumerable amount of Mini Lego Figures it seemed there were still more needed!
It's a good job Teen Two had plenty of birthday money left over to pay for it!
It was a great day, but so good to be sitting down finally, in the car, waving goodbye to those giant bricks....
...and admire the lovely scenery on the way home.

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