Sunday, 13 September 2015

A Culinary Disaster!

This morning I decided to whip up a quick and simple lemon meringue pie.
Whilst some would say it's cheating...for me, real cheating is using a ready made pie crust!
The pastry didn't take long to make and as usual the left overs were put to good use...
...jam tarts always remind me of the Teens being was always their job to make the tarts for me.
 How I used to love those days of simple pleasures.
The lemon meringue pie turned out well...or so I thought!
Just before the family came home from Sunday School, as usual I dished up my neighbours dinner, cut him a slice of the pie for dessert....but wasn't prepared for what followed!
As I took the slice out....the lemon filling came pouring out...filling the space where the slice I had just cut had been...and worse....started pouring all over the floor!
You see the pie dish I always use has holes in!!
It gives a lovely even bake to pies ( no soggy bottoms here...usually!) but this is the first time I have had liquid ( sticky liquid at that!) pouring out of the holes!
I called out to Grandma "Help...I need a plate!!"
She came running in wondering what on earth was wrong...and of course not being privy to what had just occurred couldn't work out what was going on.
My hand was  overflowing by now with the sticky yellow liquid and I didn't want to move my hand away to reach for a plate.
 Pretty soon Grandma worked out what was needed and passed me the plate so I could reduce the collateral damage!
I have no idea why it turned out like this, having used fillings like this many many times before.
It was an out of date packet ( thanks Approved Foods!) so don't know if that was a factor, but one thing is for sure...when I make the next pack up, I will leave it in a bowl for a few hours to make sure it sets properly before putting it in a pie!
So for dessert today I asked "anyone for lemon meringue puddle?"
And for the record...there was no soggy bottom!


  1. Lemon meringue puddle sounds good - you should bring out your own recipe book!