Saturday, 26 September 2015

A Cornucopia Of Home Grown Vegetables?

I had the dreaded dentist visit this glad that is out of the way.
Before going I asked Hubby if he could cut the bay tree for me. It was seriously out of hand and beyond me doing it.
A rose bush is very near to the tree, and most of the branches are now intertwined with the bay.
When I came home, it was so sweet to see hubby had rescued the late blooms and put them in a vase on the kitchen dresser.
Yesterday was of course, Grandma's birthday. She has long since not wanted any pressies, but we can't let the day go by without recognising it in someway, a meal out has become the custom.
We went to a local marina and enjoyed a delicious meal, passing the time with a game of Uno.
After the meal, whilst waiting for the bill, the Teens found some hand games to amuse themselves!
It was a lovely sunny day and ideal for walking round the marina admiring the expensive yachts.
There is a little shopping arcade in the marina, with quaint craft shops...I rather liked these denim farmyard time you have some jeans in need of upcycling how about one of these cuties?
The rest of the afternoon was spent in the garden, with gloves and secateurs in hand.
For all the effort  I had put in all year, I was hoping for something like this for my hard work....
...instead I am having to content myself with these teeny weeny courgettes!

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  1. Think positive - a glut would just mean more work!