Friday, 28 August 2015

Thursday: Goodbye To Our Holiday and Goodbye To The Vulcan

It was hard to believe that our holiday had come to an end so soon.
It was goodbye to my lovely kitchen, so different to my own....

...and goodbye to our lodge and hot tub!
Our journey home was done in two stages.
First, we needed to track down Withermarsh  Farm for Hubby's photo collection.
This was no mean feat, and we were on the verge of giving up finding it.
Out in the middle of nowhere we saw a postie in her little van. We hoped she would be familiar enough with the area to point us in the right direction.
Sadly, she had not heard of the farm, but suggested a road a little further along.
We said our goodbyes and set about turning the car around. By the time we got to the end of the dirt track we were on, another car came along ( amazing how busy the middle of nowhere can be!) To our surprise, the lady driver wound down her window and asked if we were the people looking for Withermarsh! We can only assume the postie had seen the lady, knew her, and told her about us.
The very kind lady not only told us she once rented the house, but that she would drive to the turning we needed to take! She was interested to see the one hundred year old picture we had and hopefully felt she had played a part in this little adventure of ours!
We couldn't have done it without her.
 The last leg of the journey was via Clacton for the Air show.
Now its true, only hubby had any interest in going here, so whilst he enjoyed the views on the seafront, the Teens and I took refuge in a Costa...great coffee for me and free wifi for them...sorted!
But....who can resist the call of the Red Arrows! As soon as we heard that familiar roar of their engines, we abandoned our table for the car park so we could get a better view.
Two of their jets in the air, at this position, can only mean one thing....
our favourite "love heart!"
Our original plan of using the park and ride at a local outlet shopping centre failed as there were no spaces left. So the Costa we stayed in was a short walk from the beach. The pro's was free parking, the con was only for two hours. So hubby had to return to the car before the star of the day arrived...the Vulcan.
However, we decided to chance it by driving as near as we could to the seafront in the hopes of seeing this magnificent machine for the final time.
We were fortunate enough to find an area at the end of the beach where lots of people had parked up on  the pavement, not obstructing any traffic, so we joined them for a few minutes and were treated with spectacular views as the Vulcan did its final fly past.
Having been to many air shows over the years with hubby I used to dread this particular plane going over, it was sooooo loud, and shook your insides around!
But I guess I was rather sad to think we won't see it fly again.
Goodbye Vulcan!

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