Friday, 28 August 2015

The Dreaded Unpacking

As with every holiday, there is always the dreaded unpacking and washing to face on the first morning.
Despite having a washing machine in the lodge, I still needed to do four loads before I caught up.
I have to confess that the suitcase is still not completely unpacked, but I have run out of energy and enthusiasm for today.
I ought to add, I cleaned my neighbours house from top to bottom this morning, so that sapped a lot of my energy before I even started on my own house!

Apart from a trip to Morrisons to refill the fridge and larder, it has been a stay at home day for us, expect hubby who had to go to work.
Teen Two caught up on some Minecraft building, something he wasn't able to do when we were away.

The Teens are rather partial to J2O's at the moment, but it's something I only buy when its on special offer.
Today we saw a new flavour "Garden Rose" It has a delicate taste of rose ( one of my favourite flavours) and at £1.99 for four at the moment, I will treat them to some more next time I am out.
So aside from cooking dinner, and general housework, that has been my rather run of the mill day.

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