Saturday, 29 August 2015

Mind Your Head!

With Lego being a popular past time in our household, whenever we hear of a Lego Expo, its a given that Teen One and I will tag along.
It's always interesting to see the amazing models these clever fans make. 
At this Expo there was a competition...see how many Mini Lego Figures you can spot with a red cup.
It was a challenge and a half, with the vast number of people there, all crowded round the displays.
We shall have to wait and see if we have won!
We decided to end the lovely long summer holidays, with a special lunch out.
It wasn't quite time for the restaurant to start their lunch menu, so we thought we would make the most of the large nearby field and  play with the boomerang we had in the boot.
I bought it about thirty years ago from Covent Garden for hubby ( then boyfriend)
Teen Two had fun with it, and it proved to be great it rarely came back!

Teen One took some photos whilst I enjoyed watching the family.

Hubby then gave it a go, taking some time to check each angle, in the hopes he would work out which one actually made the boomerang return to him. I had my back to him at this point, trying to help Teen Two with a sore foot......the next thing I heard was "look out......"

....too thing I knew...whack...right across the back of the head! For a minute I didn't know what had hit me!
It took a few minutes for me to feel my head wasn't actually going to drop off and I wasn't seeing double...but boy did I have a headache!
I seem to have survived, we managed to have the promised lunch out, albeit rather quieter than usual, and when we came home Teen One and I did some baking for tomorrow.
Blueberry Elijah bread, sultana sponge pudding and finally a sponge cake.
 I guess the moral of the story today is, don't turn your back on a boomerang thrower!


  1. Oooooh!! I can almost feel that. Xx

  2. Ouch - ths proves my theory that Lego is dangerous!