Monday, 31 August 2015

Dresser All Painted!

Today of course has been a Bank Holiday in the UK. Traditionally a time for catching up on some gardening or DIY.
The rain put pay to anything going on in the garden....but I wasn't particularly disappointed as it meant hubby was able to put the final touches to my dresser!
I am delighted with how it now looks.....
...its hard to believe its the same piece of furniture!

I love how bright and clean it looks...and how much I prefer the natural colour to the top than the antique colour it had before.
I now seriously want to paint our half dresser to match ( shh don't tell hubby!)
We used Brilliant White Egg Shell from Screwfix, only £16.99 a tin and hubby says there is enough left to paint half a dozen more that sounds like a good excuse to paint the other one!

It looked so lovely all clear, but it has to pay its rent and serve a practical purpose, so reluctantly I  put back everything back that has for some time been dotted around the kitchen temporarily.

We also put up a tin picture I bought in New England nearly 20 years ago. It always reminds me of their lovely houses and every time I look at it I am transported back to the time we lived there.
I am so happy to have it back up again.
PD will be happy to hear we are still on the straight and narrow and spent the afternoon at a church conference.
It was out in the country, so was a lovely drive, albeit in the rain. Teen One was able to catch up with some friends, as were we and Teen Two always looks forward to the tea, which is always very typically English, plenty of sandwiches and home made cakes!


  1. Bootiful - you're joining the painting club! Makes a huge difference!

  2. Took just a tad longer than you!